In long forgotten times we started having a new kitchen fitted. Yesterday the tiler came and made things look pretty. 

It's only a tiny amount, just over a metre. I chose the shape and colour, The Chap convinced me to try gloss and I'm glad we did. It meant we could buy each tile individually, saving money and reducing the amount of tiles we have hanging about in the garage, and we used a local company, not somewhere I would have looked but the tiler recommended them and he was right!

We just need to put the rest of the base boards back on and seal around the sink. 


  1. It's looking great. I'm really happy that you finally got it done. Enjoy.

  2. They look great and finish it off beautifully. xx

  3. The tiles look amazing and are the perfect finishing touch to your sparkling white kitchen. Catriona

  4. It’s lovely! The tiles are really striking.


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