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Freebie And Bargain Of The Week

A real mixed bag this week.

Two pans, with lids £5

Last week a gorgeous set of Stellar pans were donated to the shop, I said to the manager that I could do with a couple of pans, but didn't need the full set so I'd keep an eye out for some. When I went in on Wednesday I was told I could buy this pair for a fiver, as they'd split the set up to sell to some other customers. I was delighted! The small pan hold 1.5l, the large 3.5l, ideal for my needs. 

Lubaina Himid, Inside The Invisible (2002)

Dan went to London on Thursday for something to do with the local elections so I was on my own for a couple of days. Thursday I just went to the charity shop, nothing to report there, but on Friday I decided to go to Preston to see the Lubaina Himid exhibition at Harris Gallery

Avenham Park
I also had a wander around the town and to the park, where I did have the misfortune to see someone remove their clothes, but you can't have it all can you? Hot weather can lead to unusual sights!

When I was at the gallery I happened to get chatting to a member of staff who told me about a free print symposium the following day and that I should get my name on the waiting list, I did and spent all day in a wonderfully temperature controlled room hearing six fantastic artists speak about their work and process. I didn't take any photographs, but just imagine some people standing on a stage talking and you've got the idea. There was also lots of free tea, coffee and biscuits!

Dan collected me after the event and we went to Waitrose for some groceries, he had a voucher for 10% off which was great, while we were there we picked up a free magazine, paper and although we didn't take advantage of the free coffee (I'd had more than enough) we got a till spit for a free bottle of juice, which Dan nipped back in to collect. 

John Stezaker, Untitled (Film Portrait Collage) XXIII (2007)
On Sunday we started to move a massive pile of earth onto the garden, it's what used to be our lawn, which has now broken down into a beautiful compost, a great money saver. We also went to Manchester to The Whitworth (free entry) to see the John Stezaker exhibition. We'd seen some of his work earlier in the year at York Art Gallery and it was great to see more. The works are made of old photographs and postcards put together to make something uncanny and wonderful, see more here.

We decided to treat ourselves to brunch, and when what I wanted wasn't available I upgraded to something else, we'd already paid by this time and although we offered to pay the difference in cost it was declined so I saved £1.50. A busy time, but one full of fun things, and I hardly even mentioned the weather!

Lubaina Himid Hard Times runs until 3rd June at Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston, free entry.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful few days, bargains and days out what could be better. The saucepans were a real bargain.

    1. Thanks, it was fun to get out and about on my own for a change.

  2. I lost the link to your blog sometime in late 2016 so I’m having a nice time reading what you have been up to! My husband is from Lancashire and, although we now live in the USA, we stay in Lytham when we visit. The charity shops there are fantastic and I often fill up my suitcase with great clothes and bits and pieces that are too good to pass up.

    1. It's great to have you back!

      We have some great charity shops here and some very generous donations. Lovely to know people enjoy staying in the area :)

  3. Great pans for £5, no wonder you're thrilled with them.

  4. Wow, great savings on those pots. They look brand new.

    Love the park, it's so nice and green.

    God bless.

    1. The pans are used, but they cleaned up nicely.

      The park leads down to the river, a beautiful place to be, with lots of areas for relaxation, or something a little more active.


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