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What We Ate - Convenience Week

This week has been all about convenience, if it could be shoved in the oven and left to get on with it, or came from a packet or the freezer then that's the option I took! 

Dan made some wedges and pitta chips, for dipping into plenty of houmous while we watched The City And The City, I read the book last year and loved it. I don't tend to watch tv adaptations, but I made an exception for this.  

I attempted to be healthy by starting the day with porridge, it's not for me, at least not first thing in the morning. Oats with almond drink, frozen berries, banana, loads of coconut and a bit of agave. 

Obligatory noodles, served with some rice burgers. They came from a packet mix sent over from Germany, just add water then form into patties. The flavour was a little like making something with a packet of curry flavour savoury rice. 

We had a small amount of yoghurt to use up, plus lots of frozen berries, so I made some breakfast muffins. Even though I used less sugar they were really a coffee and a muffin type thing rather muffins to get you off to a healthy start. They were delicious, and the texture was perfect. I used the recipe from Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra. I'm not a baker, I like to keep things simple and Isa's recipes never ever fail when I try them.  

A really delicious paprika butterbean stew, topped with some V-Pud. We were supposed to be having the roast asparagus and beetroot with this, but we ate almost all of it while we were waiting. 

This is the second laziest meal of the week (we ate out last night for celebration purposes). Some pasta with half a packet of tomatoey puy lentils stirred through, along with a Goodfella's vegan pizza. The pizza was exactly how you'd imagine a falafel pizza to taste! Nice for a change, especially as it meant less washing up!


  1. Your food always looks so delicious, convenient or otherwise. Please can I make a reservation? X

  2. Your meals are making me very hungry!!

    God bless.

    1. I like to record my meals for future inspiration, but it does make me hungry!

  3. I am always inspired when I see your meals, they are certainly mouth watering.

  4. I have never seen rice burgers... did they taste good?

  5. They tasted very much like the packets of savoury rice you can buy here. They were nice for a change, certainly something I'd keep in the pantry for an easy meal were they available here.


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