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Most of my birthday gifts come in the form of cash these days, and I tend to use it to buy useful things, replacing items of clothing that have worn out over the year, fabric to make quilts, things for the garden, or it goes into savings for whatever big spend we have coming up.

Not this year. 

I spent it on beautiful things with no real function whatsoever. I bought some earrings, by Rachel Hearne. They reminded me of Viners Studio cutlery, which I love.

and a print for above my chest of drawers in the bedroom

It's a very nice collagraph by Julie Evans, part of the Glad - Var exhibition at Arteria in Lancaster. 

Dan is 40 next month and his Mum asked him to think of something he might like to mark the occasion. He decided on a Japanese woodblock print to live alongside the painting we inherited from his Great Grandfather from his time working in Kobe in the 1930s. So we headed off to York to look at the Japanese Print Shop - a place I must have walked past hundreds of times as it was on my route to work, but had never visited before, probably because I thought everything would be too expensive. 

We parked at Poppleton Park & Ride and took the bus into the centre, very convenient as it was raining when we arrived, no waiting for a bus, we hopped straight on (£2.90 return). We headed straight for my treat which was a trip to the art gallery (free with Art Pass) to see Paul Nash and the Uncanny Landscape which was just fantastic, lots of photographs and prints I'd never seen before, plus a very entertaining collection of John Stezaker collages, well worth a look if you're in town, the exhibition runs until April.

After quite some time in the print shop, Dan was undecided, but I wasn't

I went for this small print.

Because I just can't have enough orange!

We left the shop to give Dan some time to think and after an hour or so he still hadn't decided, we went back to the shop, he took a deep breath and picked my favourite of his shortlist (I hadn't influenced him in any way). He's decided to keep it wrapped until his birthday so I can't share it here, but it's a beautiful diptych of cranes. We didn't have to wait for a bus on the way back either, straight on and a nice sit down before the journey home. Success!


  1. Happy belated birthday and I'm glad you treated yourself to some things which are purely decorative. The prints are lovely xxx

    1. Thank you so much. It was nice to be able to do more than window shop.

  2. Such lovely pictures, not only will they add colour but lift the soul.

  3. Love the earrings.

    God bless.

  4. Early Birthday wishes to Dan, looking forward to seeing the print he chose. Brilliant getting the bus without a wait, both ways, what are the chances.

  5. Happy Birthday! It's nice to have a little splurge on ourselves every now and then isn't it. The earrings and both the prints are lovely. I've been in the Japanese print shop with Amy but we didn't buy anything. Hope to see the Dan's choice of birthday gift on here at some point :) xx

  6. I think your chosen birthday items were lovely! As is Dan's one!


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