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In The Window - Update

I mentioned a while ago that we had entered a competition for the best shop window during the Victorian weekend. Judging was yesterday and we didn't get a place on the podium. We were, however, Highly Recommended by the Mayor and my manager was presented with a certificate.

The winner was the fancy fabric, curtain and bedding shop, as expected. 

In a sense I feel it's only right that an indie business wins and gets the publicity, the one thing I do know is that next year if we take part it's going to be a tree, some teddies and a couple of sprigs of holly. There is no way I will be putting so much effort in again!

I'm doing the Christmas window this week, should be fun. 


  1. Looking forward to your Xmas windows.

  2. Thanks. I have two half days to get it done which should be enough. After not being able to sell anything from the window for three weeks it;s going to be crammed with things that are for sale!


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