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Festive Food - Nothing Special

leftovers sandwich

I'm happy to report that we're £23 under the grocery budget this month, with only bunny greens left to buy. In the past we have made extra allowance for food over the Christmas period, because although we don't really celebrate Christmas we are off work (well, I only have one day off over Christmas and New Year) so we tend to buy a few extra bits and bobs. This year we decided to not do that, we bought a few different things, but nothing Christmas specific, other than the usual snack foods we take to MILs. 

We used our usual pantry foods to make more festive meals and added a jar or two of pasta sauce from Home Bargains for easy meals, and it worked. Knowing we had the pasta option at home really prevented impulse purchases when we were out and stopped the constant supply of snacks that we'd usually fall back on. We didn't buy any biscuits or chocolate as MIL had hinted a box of chocolate mints were on the way. No-one bought us biscuits but that's not been too much hardship, if it was that much of a big deal I'd just make some. 

Meals this week have wandered a little from the menu plan, just in order to use things up, which has made planning for the start of next month fairly easy. The rest of the week/ year will look something like this - 

27 cauliflower curry with bubble and squeak
28 l/o curry with sweet potato fries
29 chow mein
30 jacket potato with baked beans
31 enchiladas

And the start of January

1 l/o enchiladas (we'll be taking soup and nut roast pasties to the football)
2 plaki w. v-pud and something
3 chestnut orzotto w. v-pud
4 orzotto stuffed mushrooms or peppers
5 fried rice
6 out
7 dhal

Simple, easy, pantry based, and won't make me too sad when I've started my weightloss regime!


  1. I am impressed that you came under budget and your resolve not to add extras to the trolley. That is what is needed here, a little self discipline and a husband that doesn't throw things into the trolley LOL! Best wishes for the New Year.

    1. For the past couple of years I've made a note of what did and didn't work over holiday periods, one thing that kept coming up was overbuying food. This time round we made a conscious effort not to buy too much, we still bought more than we needed but at least we will be able to make use of it all.

  2. My last grocery shop of this month has been the best. I really need to stay away from all those little extras.

    God bless.

    1. It's quite hard to get the balance right I think, no-one wants to say they don't have something that someone wants do they?


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