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December In The Kitchen

Dan was working from home yesterday, so I spent a bit of time in the kitchen, something I don't seem to have done recently, who knows what we've been eating. I needed to fine a spice storage solution after being smacked on the head by a jar of mustard. Luckily I kept hold of a plastic tub that would no longer lock after Dan microwaved it with the lid on. A perfect fit for under the little shelf to store the lesser used spices.

My Aldi flowers are still going strong, I removed the less than great blooms and swapped the vase for a bottle. 

This week is a busy one by our standards so I did a bit of cooking so I don't have to think about it for a while. I even managed to fit a couple of things in the freezer box. 

I made three portions of cauliflower curry (top), using the last of the 20p curry paste I bought a while ago, one portion is in the freezer, we ate one last night, and there's one for tomorrow. I used up a load of mushrooms in a chestnut and lentil stew, one for tonight, one in the freezer. I've also written a menu plan, we're out and about a little bit so a plan should prevent waste.

1. tacos
2. bean burger
3. potato wedges w. houmous

4. cauliflower curry w. brown rice
5. chestnut stew w. veg and mash
6. cauliflower curry w. rice
7. out
8. soup and sandwich
9. hash
10 hash

11 black bean chilli
12 l/o
13 fried rice
14 pad thai
15 curried veg pie
16 l/o pie w salad
17 chestnut orzotto

18 stuffed mushrooms/ peppers
19 lentil bol
20 aduki bean pie (sweet potato topping)
21 fajitas
22 enchiladas
23 out
24 out

25 nut roast
26 gigantic sandwich
27 jambalaya
28 jacket potato w. baked beans
29 stirfry
30 cauliflower curry
31 chestnut stew

Dan has requested an East Coast Coffee cake and chocolate brownies, and of course there will be trifle!


  1. That jacket potato with baked beans sounds great after all the Xmas excess. I love to eat very simple stuff the week after Christmas.

    1. Although we eat in pretty much the same way when we're at home, even at this time of year, I know we will eat a bit more and have more snacks, plus meals out so a few simple jacket potatoes, stir fry etc will be just what we need.

  2. Your food always looks so tasty and you never seem short of ideas. I especially like the sound of the coffee cake and chocolate brownies. X

    1. Thank you, I think we eat the same kind of thing most of the time but I make it a bit more exciting by changing the beans/veg and what I serve things with.

      The East Coast Coffee Cake is so delicious (but it's not coffee flavoured), I don't think I've made chocolate brownies before so that's a new thing.

  3. Foos looks very appealing and my DH would like to be invited on the 26th for giant sandwich-lol. Your pantry looks well organised and I have all my spices, condiments etc sitting in reused plastic container which keeps the shelves tidy (beware flying pig!) Catriona

    1. Beware flying pig indeed!

      For me the only reason to have the nut roast on the 25th is to have leftovers to make the giant sandwich.

  4. oooooh looks good! I have been trying to go through the cupboards and use everything up in anticipation of our imminent move and also want to save some money but I was SO CROSS to come home last night after a concert and discover my husband has filled the freezer and fridge full of WAITROSE food and other bits including expensive Vanilla Ice-cream! So angry with him but he then proceeded to get cross with me when I said I was emptying the freezer and cupboards!

    1. Thank you.

      I can imagine how frustrated you must have felt when you saw the fridge and freezer had been restocked, but at least your husband meant well, even if you were working at cross purposes.

  5. I was amused at how you came to acquire your storage for your spice jars, forgive me I had to chuckle - hope you head is ok :) I need to go through my cupboards to use up ingredients that I overlook like canned pineapples and nuts.

    1. I think the bump on the head unleashed my creative streak!


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