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On Any Given Sunday

Yesterday morning on social media I described the day as "Happy 'be amazing then lose to a 92nd minute penalty' day"* (for those who don't know, a football match is 90 minutes long). We went to watch Burnley v Arsenal, and here's how it went. We'd heard it was going to be a bit chilly, as there had been a smattering of snow the day before, so I wrapped up. 

Thermal vest and leggings, jumper, fully lined skirt, extra socks, hat, mittens and a scarf, plus a big coat obviously.

A wet, misty drive found us in the town, parking is free on Sundays so we treated ourselves to a spot on the car park - and did our good deed by telling some away fans to save their money. Time for a spot of lunch, hot from the flask.

Into town, everyone loves the police horses, they get lots of mints! 

Time for a treat, almond milk chai for me and coconut milk hot chocolate for Dan from the wonderful Little Barista.

How cute are the cups! Now off to the match.

A sign of the times, the club has installed some safety barriers to prevent any vehicle driving through the crowds - the ground is right on the road, people would have nowhere to go. 

There's always a long queue for the real ale bus!

The beautiful view from my seat, snow topped hills and rows of houses. 

At the start of this post I said it was be amazing then lose to a 92nd minute penalty day. I was wrong! It was the 91st minute. I could do nothing more than stare at my feet...

*our last game v Arsenal was 2-1, losing to a 98th minute penalty, the one before that was 0-1 to Arsenal, losing to a 93rd minute goal. I wonder what will happen next time?


  1. Thank you, thank you for the photographs. It's been too long. X

  2. I like your idea of leggings, docks and a skirt. My feet are cold all year round and this would let me wear wool socks-thank you. I treated us to two-for-one tickets to Country Living Fair in Glasgow yesterday and what a disappointment that was! Door to door we were away 3 hours including the 24 mile round trip and the long walk from the car park!! Had a lovely ploughman's style lunch with own made soup when we got home. Catriona

    1. It works well to keep me warm at the match, the more layers to sit on the better!

      What a shame the fair wasn't all that great, your home made meal sounds delicious though, so not a total wash out.

  3. Shame your team didn't win. Better luck next time. My Dad is a Gunners fan and my son a huge Man City so I make myself scarce when they play against each other!

  4. What a pity. Your team did well to hold out so long though. Next time maybe you'll win.

    1. I think maybe they're just a bogey team! That's the thing with football, there's always another game to do better.

  5. Like the other poster I run and hide when all the men gather around the television to cheer on their favorite teams... There are three of them and so the odds are usually two against one.

    God bless.


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