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In A Pickle

After mentioning it here the other week I decided to keep my mouth shut about the window competition  for the Victorian weekend. It was going so well until a lady from the Town Council came into the shop this morning to speak with the manager. He, of course, knew nothing about it and was only too happy to agree to enter the competition. The window has to be done next week. 

I still have no ideas. 

Wish me luck!


  1. I am presuming it is for the Christmas period and has to be Victorian in feel?
    My mum loves reminiscing and likes nothing better than spotting items that she remembers as a girl - old cake tins, rolling pins you know the kind of thing - so maybe a Christmas Victorian kitchen look. I expect it depends on what stock you have at the time.
    You might be able to find some fashionable items that would lend themselves to making a Victorian costume like the high neck lace blouses that are around at the moment with a long skirt and you will no doubt have some jewellery that would pass as Victorian style. Other ideas might be parlour scene on xmas morning using a chair if you have one - velvet drapes and cushions, candles, a xmas tree, children wooden toys, teddies, crackers, cards, santa sack or even a similar 'Nursery scene' on xmas morning.
    Or how about using the twelve days of xmas as a theme with a Victorian take on it - using open ended boxes stacked up like an advent calendar with a display of something Victorian related in each one.
    Or an old fashioned snowman with top hat and large white cut out snowflakes on the window clustered around the edges to leave a smaller window area to peek through - would only need white sheets as snow.
    on the snow theme you can use those old fashioned lace mats stiffened in sugar solution and hang on nylon threads like snowflakes. If you have baubles you can simply hang on velvet ribbons like the Victorians would do.
    Other themes might be based on the Nutcracker or the ice maiden if you have a suitable wedding dress / evening dress that could be dressed up in a more victorian style.
    A cluster of Carol singers using warm winter coats (you might have some military styled ones), hats and scarves and lanterns. Or an opulent ball look if you have evening dresses, evening bags, jewellery, furs or fans etc that might pass as Victorian.
    Not sure if any of this any use but may just help to spark off your own ideas. Good luck.

    1. They're all great ideas. If I was the manager things would be totally different and I'd put lots of time and energy into it (even though the same shop wins every year), but as I'm not, and to be honest I have no other support or input, I just can't be bothered. I stressed about it all last night and it's just not important to me.

      Plus, we don't even have so much as a long skirt at the moment!

  2. Do scrooge, with the ghosts some lanterns and a suit etc. oliver twist is another one but that could look a little grim


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