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Chilli Galore!

We're still eating in a simple way, having leftovers from one meal rollover to the following night. Last week we ate a lot of chilli, I planned for it because I know if we have chilli once we'll want to eat it again and again. 

Last week Dan declared he missed eating "big sandwiches" so I made a big brunch sandwich, it seemed to do the trick for him, although now I'm looking forward to a nut roast, stuffing and chestnut sandwich sometime.

this was taken pre-sauce just in case we ever play The Sausage Sandwich game, don't want to spoil the surprise
I roasted a big pan of veg on Sunday, made a tomato/lentil sauce with some and the rest made a cous cous salad.

I know I'll be here on Monday complaining about it, but I have offered to make a picnic for Saturday. We're off to Newcastle to see the Paul Nash exhibition so food will be required to keep costs to a minimum, I'll make soup and pasties, Dan will make sandwiches and coffee, seems like a good deal. 


  1. Big girl pants on-you'll be glad when you get there and don't have to spend squillions of cash for indifferent food. Catriona

    1. Well, I absolutely know that's not true as there's a great place we would really like to try, but I like your optimism!

  2. Looks like you have hit on a good idea sharing out the picnic preparations!


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