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When The Meal Plan Works

 A volunteer nipped into the shop on Wednesday and said "I thought you were doing the Hallowe'en window", I replied "I did", she said "what happened to it?". I told her it was subtle, and she shrugged. Probably the reaction I expected. 

spicy rice
On Tuesday morning I forgot I was supposed to be making lentil bol, and instead made the cauliflower bake. I tasted it when it came out of the oven. It was not pleasant, so I added a few bits and bobs and turned out fine, in fact Dan has suggested it's added to the menu plan on a regular basis.

cauliflower bake
It's not a very photogenic meal either! The crust is just a couple of slices of bread, some cooked quinoa and herbs. I know I should think about my photographs before I take them but I'm always too hungry to wait!

On Thursday I got round to preparing the spaghetti squash, using this post to help me. It was really easy to prepare, I was a bit too excited so I cooked the squash in the morning and reheated it later. I had planned to serve it with a lentil bol, but I received an "I want pie" message from Dan and I took the hint, so I made pie*. Of course, i am incapable of cooking enough for just one meal so we had this for two nights. I am never going to complain about eating pastry on consecutive days. 

carlin pea pie, spaghetti squash and veg
We were already off plan, but on Saturday Dan made the food while I finished my cross stitch project, we had roast sweet potato with some quinoa bites and a houmous sandwich, but it turns out I've accidentally deleted the photograph. We rounded off the weekend with a quick chow mein topped with cashews and half a schnitzel each. 

veg noodles
A simple way to end a simple weekend where I didn't leave the house at all. 

*Not strictly pie as it was just pastry shoved on top of pie filling, I realise this is an important distinction for some people. 


  1. Our menu plan got all mixed up last week - we tried a new recipe some little mushroom pasties with Ricotta cheese. The mixture it made was far more than the number of pasties specified in fact it made double so we had them again for tea and each had some with salad for lunch! Problem was there was not enough mushrooms in them so they were quite bland and I was glad when they were all gone. It will be a nice recipe in future with some modifications and half the amounts. I am intrigued by the Carlin Pea pie?

    1. I don't mind when the menu plan wanders, for me they're a starting point, not something rigid - and if it means more pie then better still!

      Glad you can think of how to adapt he pasties for next time, it's not good to have to get through a lot of bland things. The carlin pea pie was just onions, mushrooms and the carlin peas in gravy - stock, soy sauce, sage, paprika and pepper, thickened with some yellow pea flour, very nice, very savoury.

  2. The carlin pie looks really nice!!


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