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Freebie And Bargain Of The Week

A few things this week, and a few free/ low cost things booked this week to enjoy in the future. Firstly, a £2 voucher arrived from the supermarket after my complaint/ comment. We also have a refund coming from my phone provider as I'd been overcharged for the past two months. 

The latest magazine arrived from 20th Century society, obviously we pay to be members, but the magazines are a great bonus, we both read the whole thing so its very useful, I doubt we'd pay £7 a time if we weren't members. We're booked in to see a talk by the linguist David Crystal in a couple of weeks, we missed him last time so I'm really happy to see him this time.

We're also going up to Lancaster that same week to watch The Death of Stalin, I may have mentioned a while ago that we went to a talk by comedy writer Ian Martin (Veep, The Thick Of It, In The Loop), he's back in Lancaster to hold a Q&A after the showing of the film, which is brilliant. We thought we'd have to go to Manchester to see it, so we're saving money on the screening, the travel and get the talk too. Excited.

I wandered into the workroom at the shop and spotted something in the bin, I asked if I could take it as it was in the bin and was told I could, so I stuck a bit of loose change into the donation box and headed home. Brand new wrapping paper!

I bought a pair of slippers from the supermarket the other night, tried them on when I got home and they were so uncomfortable Dan returned them the following morning for a refund. I am having no luck with slippers and footwear in general so I'm back to my old and very unattractive sandals! We had some supermarket vouchers £2 off £20 and some extra Nectar point vouchers which all helped. We didn't need any fresh food, but we needed pantry items like lentils and oil so the money off was a great help. We ate mainly from the pantry and I think we're finally starting to see a few gaps on the shelves!

Oh, and I really quite like the cheap tea bags I bought when we ran out of leaf tea (Dan's not so keen). I'll use the tea bags during the day so it will make the more expensive tea last longer. 

This weekend we're staying quite close to home, we plan to visit the art gallery in Preston, I think we'll have a coffee while we're there, but as we're "friends" of the gallery we get a discount at the cafe. Oh and we're also booked in for a free talk there in a few weeks, all about Eduardo Paolozzi - one of Dan's favourites! Lots to look forward to.                           


  1. That wrapping paper is absolutely gorgeous. I think to good to use as wrapping paper, are you going to do any thing in particular with it?

    1. It is very nice paper, I think it will be used as wrapping paper rather than anything else. I don't do any paper crafts these days so I think I'd just be hanging on to it for the sake of it.

  2. Very pretty wrapping paper. I especially like the blue.

    God bless.

  3. That magazine looks interesting - not heard of this before so will be having a Google to learn more. I am curious to know why the wrapping paper was in the bin - it looks in good condition to me.

    1. The 20th Century Society is all about protecting architecture and design from World War I onwards.

      I don't know how or why the paper ended up in the bin, it's still in the original wrapping. It's not the kind of thing that sells in our shop, even though it would only be priced at around 29p.


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