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A Year Of Expense Tracking - Part Five

Fifth and final, all about gorgeousness

I flip flop with cosmetics, most of the time I don't wear any, but every so often I feel like a change and buy a few bits, then remember why I don't bother. So, for the most part, money spent on make up is money wasted. 

Since September 2016 I have bought - 

1 lipstick
1 lip liner
1 eye liner
1 mascara
3 lipbalms (two of which are virtually full)
and a bottle of nail polish 

at a total cost of £41.21, £17.80 of which was lipbalm (I like the Lush tins, what can I say?). I also love the nail polish, although I only wear it on my toes. The rest of it was pretty much a waste of money as I've only used it a couple of times. Never mind. 

Our general body cleaning routine is pretty simple I think, we don't use many products, this is the one area we bought less than I might have thought, partly because someone sent us a couple of tubes of shower gel and shampoo which are lasting a good long while. 

Over the course of the year we bought

22 tubes of toothpaste (75ml) we use the basics brand, it's just gone up in price from 35p to a massive 50p a time!
9 bottles (is that the word) of deodorant
41 toilet rolls
3 bottles of shower gel
8 bars of soap, of which 2 remain unused
2 tubs of hair gel (Dan)
3 bottles of shampoo, one of which I've only just started using
and 3 face moisturisers

There were a few other bits and bobs like mouthwash, but that's about it, no razors, sponges, face cloths, body lotion, cleanser or anything like that. 

We also spent £220 on haircuts for the two of us. For years we cut our own hair, something neither of us enjoyed doing so it's nice to have someone else do it now. I don't colour my hair at the moment or use any products on it, I just have it cut every 8 weeks. Dan goes whenever the fancy takes him or when he has time. 

The most gorgeous things in our house are the rabbits. Obviously small beasts can cost a fair amount and this year we have spent 

£280.41 on food (not including fresh veg), toys, hay, housing things, rugs, litter and assorted other bits and bobs.
£229.95 on vet bills quite a chunk of that was on vaccinations for Myxi/VHD and VHD2. Then there was that time the white one ate a needle and it lodged between her back teeth.

I think that's about it, as I said at the beginning, this has raised a few issues about waste and consumption, but it has also made us think about our wants and needs. Tracking did absolutely nothing to reduce our spending, but it did make me think twice about certain purchases and this year has been a really good exercise and has helped me think about next year - which starts now!


  1. Thank you for allowing us an insight into your spending habits. I always find in fascinating to see how other people budget and find ways to save myself. I don't know if it would be worth trying for you, but we get our cat food from zooplus. It only costs us £60 a year to feed Mog. It might be worth checking if they do a suitable rabbit food. X

    1. Thanks. I think even when other people spend in a totally different way it sparks ideas.

      I'll take a look at the site.

  2. Make up is terrible isn't it, because it seems like such a luxurious treat but then just sits there. When I was a PA I wore makeup a bit as I had to look smart, but I also hated my job so kept feeling the need to 'treat' myself. This year I gave away what must have been hundreds of pounds of make up because I never wear it.. didn't feel good!

    1. Exactly. I always think I'm going to start wearing make up on a daily basis then I'm just too busy (well, not busy but involved with other things) to make the time to bother. Lots of my friends and family are very glam and I'm just not so I think it's better to just do things my way than be a bad version of something more fancy!

  3. Interesting to see how much is spent in each category. I wonder if buying in bulk for a year would cut costs or just fill up all the cupboards! One toilet roll for just over a week - must count our consumption of those. DH's shampoo easily lasts a year as he hasn't got much hair up top!

    1. I'm not sure stocking up would work for us, I think maybe scarcity value and knowing we could run out makes us use things more mindfully.

      Good to know DH is doing his bit to stretch the budget with his shampoo usage!

  4. My daughter has an indoor rabbit and has an insurance/pet plan for it which costs £5 per week. It might be worth doing some research to see what the plan includes.

  5. You have inspired a post for me. Lip balm related! lol

    I seem to get through a lot of shampoo, I am hoping now we are not on Thames water and it being full of limescale, I will be using a lot less. In one of the boxes I found 9 bottles of conditioner? what was I thinking. I really like Lush solid shampoo bars. I have to find the closest lush around here. Their solid bar of serum, its call full of grace, lasts and lasts and feels so soft on skin. love it. Maybe if you go in at any time ask for a sample. I was given a few bits as I went in and I had had a real flare up of the skin and they suggested a few bits and this was the best. My sister gratefully took the other 2 items from me! :)

    1. I know, I don't even use conditioner and I have a bottle knocking about! I like the solid shampoo bars too, I haven't used one for ages I think I'll get one when my current bottle runs out - some time next year!


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