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Year Of Tracking Part Two

Can you believe it, last night Dan went to the fridge and noticed smoke coming from the inside light. So we end the tracking year with a £173.97 spend on a new fridge! Typical. 

Anyway, I'm starting my mini review with some of the bigger spends, both in terms of expensive one off items like furniture, and the smaller spends that add up over the course of a year. 

Furniture Those of a delicate nature when it comes to buying light shades may wish to look away and rejoin me in the bin bag consumption section.

2 mirrors £185
1 chair £60 (bought with gift money)
3 lightshades £175 
3 lamps £135
shelving unit £240

total £795

Craft I spent quite a bit on craft stuff, certainly more than I would have guessed. I have three quilts on the go (and am out of the swing of it), made a fair bit of festive stuff for the charity shop and others, a new cutting mat and assorted other things. I bought lots of this with gift money. My budget for craft next year is £20 as I know I'll need some wadding. 

total £148.79

Garden We did quite a lot of work in the garden this year, it was the end of the heavy work and the start of making things look nicer. 

bird food £14.08
indoor plants and pots £34
fence £35
gloves £7.98
compost and bark chippings £19.95
plants £98.15 (£30 of this was gift money)
pots £19.98 (used gift money)

total £229.14


Dan £359.44 including £63.99 on work clothes, £118.98 on shoes and accessories, £70 on a winter coat. At least £10 of this was bought using Nectar points, I know this as there was a trip for emergency socks and underwear when they were left behind one morning (Dan cycles to work).

Me £368.04 including £53 on underwear, £79.39 on a bag and jewellery (mainly paid for using gift money) and £64.99 on shoes.

All of the things we bought in these categories have added a lot to our lives, I'm happy with all the spending we got a lot for our money. The thing we bought for the garden were great value for money as it actually looks quite nice out there now!


  1. I chuckled at your light shade comment!! I daren't even think about the £££ I've spent on craft stuff this SUMMER let alone year!!

    1. Best not to think about it, just enjoy all the lovely makes instead!

      The lightshade thing was on the one hand joking and on the other hand deadly serious. I knew how much each shade cost (and they are just shades, not lights we had to have wired in) but when I saw the total I was still a little surprised :D

  2. The good thing is you can save money on things which are less important to you in order to spend on the things which are important (obviously lightshades 😉). X

    1. This is the whole point of money saving isn't it!

      Lightshades are very important in my world.

  3. I think this is a good way of looking at things to put your money where it enhances your life. Our new light shade (one of those large paper ones first sold in Habitat in the sixties) in the newly decorated room cost £2.75 from IKEA or Wilkos and we first used it at daughters wedding last year in the marquee - so very good value -but it suits the room. I would have paid a lot more for something had I felt it necessary to get the right look though and cut down on something else - maybe had bread and jam for a month LOL! I am now inquisitive to see these light shades - are they retro?

  4. Those paper lampshades are great for pretty much anything aren't they, classic design.

    The lights aren't retro, they're just standard shades from the high street, Dan's choice from my shortlist!

  5. I daren't think about how much I spent on clothes, even though much was second hand! I'm QUITE sure it surpasses your lampshades etc by MUCH!

    1. I don't think I shop for clothes very much yet even I spend double on clothes than I spent on lightshades!


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