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Animal House

A while ago I spoke about all the animals that made their way to my picnic blanket. Today I noticed that there are quite a few more animals around the house too. 

There are birds

Ducks, owls, and some Moomins


A cow, frog, pig, dog, and a bear

A hiding manatee and some hares

Some cats in Dan's dressing room

Idefix the dog

 A lion, a bear and a dinosaur walked into a jar

Lions everywhere!

I wonder if I look hard enough I might find a rabbit or two?


  1. What's the bamboo duck's name? Sue was posting about these ducks the other day and she said they all had a name. I think they are so tactile and I'm sure my mother threw out some that we once had! Thanks for sharing all your menagerie-at least none of them eats through cables! Catriona

    1. I do have a couple of cable chewers too!

      The duck is called Havey (not Harvey), you're right they are tactile, I always have to run my hand over him whenever I'm in the room.

  2. Lots of animals in your home. Love the lions in the last picture.

    God bless.

  3. A delight! So many cute collections ;-)

    1. Thank you. It turns out I have more trinkets than I thought!


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