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Silliness Stops Play

On Thursday evening I knocked my wrist on the top of the airing cupboard door, now I can't do much. No quilting, no furniture scraping, no chopping and very slow typing. What didn't help was all the clapping and arm waving on Friday night when Widnes defeated Huddersfield 22-20, another great performance by Joe Mellor. Just for the record, we play Salford Red Devils on Thursday, who plays for them now? That's right, my ex-bad boyfriend Gareth Hock. 

So instead of spending yesterday tidying the garden and sorting out the cabinet we went to the art gallery in Preston. Preston really frustrates me as a city, there are so many great buildings, not just the amazing bus station, but no-one seems to make a big deal out of it, all the nice bits are obscured by some of the most hideous, uninspiring shopping arcades I've ever had the misfortune to see in all my days. I feel cross whenever we go. But go we did, to see a fantastic exhibition which is one of the Artist Rooms  exhibitions appearing all over the place. The exhibition in Preston is Bruce Nauman. I loved it, I was in the minority though I think! It was the perfect time for me to see it as a lot of the work was about communication and miscommunication, something I've been dealing with recently, as you know from my charity shop stuff. I think I was just really in tune with what was going on so I got a lot from it. 

When we got home the latest magazine from the Art Fund had arrived so I was even more fired up for things to see, most free (if far away) and some discounted due to the art pass. We've booked to attend a guided tour of an exhibition "Art and Optimism in 1950s Britain" at MIMA. I didn't even know Middlesbrough had a modern art gallery so to see that they do and they're holding this exhibition was very exciting. I was nearly blown into the river and we saw a car explode the last time we went over there so who knows what could happen this time?

Which reminds me, we wrote a list the other night of the many and varied jobs to do around the house, it included the list of things we'd like to replace when the time arises. Most of that stuff is in the living room. Neither of us like our tv unit but obviously something like that is so low down the priority list it's barely worth using the ink to write it. Then I had a brainwave, the kitchenette. A bit of measuring and chin scratching, I think it could work. I'll have to cut a hole in the back for the wires but in terms of size, shape and style it should be ideal. Watch this space, but not for a while. 


  1. Sorry to hear about your injury. It's frustrating when things like that happen and stop you getting on with things, but enjoy taking it a bit easier until you recover

    1. It's really frustrating. Dan is a great help though!

  2. I'll keep tuning in.
    Love from Mum


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