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River Cottage Veg Everyday, Everyday

For the week of March 5th - 11th we're preparing things from the River Cottage Veg book. We've waited until then for reasons such as money, shopping, being in to eat "proper" meals and so on. 

We chosen - 

chillies stuffed with beans
courgette and rice filo pie
three root boulangere
porotos granados (aka squash and bean stew)
pearl barley broth
oven roasted ratatouille
and curried bubble and squeak

We've chosen these as they seem pretty simple, we already have some of the ingredients in and the additional ingredients will all be used up, so we're not buying any single use spices. 

There will be a couple of tweaks. Dan chose the pie but I didn't realise it had cheese in. Ages ago we had a rice filled pie at FILs and I've been thinking about it ever since so we are going for it but the filling will be ever so slightly tweaked. Probably cheating but who cares? When we were in Preston the other day I picked up some orzo, I thought it would be super duper expensive but it was 95p so not too bad, we'll get a few meals from it. 

The stuffed chillies will probably be stuffed peppers, just because I don't know if we'll be able to get stuffable chillies, but the filling is the most important bit I think. I don't really like aubergines but I'm going to give the ratatouille a go, if I follow the instructions then it might be alright. I'll have to serve something with the root veg thing, don't know what though, maybe just a veggie sausage or something. I think we're going to have the bubble and squeak at the end of the week so we'll just have any left over bits and bobs with that, veg, houmous or whatever. Now I think about it, we haven't planned a very rounded week but I don't think we'll keel over. 

I didn't plan for the first few days of the month, this is how it's going - bean burger with wedges, tacos, jambalaya, roast veg with pasta. Exciting. 


  1. They all sound wonderful. We are trying to eat a few more veg meals. I made a very simple veg chilli last week and I have to say we didn't miss the meat at all.

    1. They do sound good don't they, it all looks very simple to put together too. I thought the shopping list would be as long as my arm but most of the ingredients are just normal, storecupboard items. Some of it is a bit protein light but as Hugh says at the start of the book veg*ns will know what to do!

      Yum yum, chilli! It's is one of the dishes I think is better without meat, I cook mine for as long as I can cope with so it's really rich, delicious!

  2. I love this book and it is probably my most used cook book. Ive tried the squash and bean stew and the broth, both of which were delicious. I await your verdicts on the rest xxx

    1. I'm really looking forward to it, it's good to hear the stew and broth are winners. I'll let you know how I get on with the rest.

  3. Like you, we're eating a lot of recipes from this book at the moment as I've got it out of the library. I like it a lot and if I could get hold of it cheaply I'd definitely snap a copy up!

    1. It's full of great ideas!

      I paid a fiver for my copy, I wasn't sure I wanted to pay that much but I am so glad I did, not least because it was raising money for the NW Air Ambulance.


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