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One Week On

More mundane fun. 

I couldn't feel more different to the way I felt this time last week! It's Tuesday which is charity shop day and that's fine. I haven't really thought about it since last week and that's the way I like it, it's just a thing to do for a few hours. 

I had some money to spend on myself this month. I had some last month too but I spent that on a salad spinner and a bin. This month I spent it on a pen, a notebook, a make up bag, an embroidery book (someone wanted to borrow the one I had from the library so I had to return it) and some trainers. It felt very strange to spend £60 on things just for me, rather than on things I like but are for us both or for the house. But I have and that's that. 

The pen and notebook are for me to write things down as I go through the workbook section of "The Desire Map", the embroidery book is for the sampler I started last month, the make up bag is for when we go to London in May and the trainers are for all the walking we're going to do over the summer. I have walking shoes but they're a bit clunky and ugly for wandering around the beach and stuff, they're ideal for winter, my new ones are lighter and nicer to look at. They were in the sale, so not too bad. 

I mention the sale because it was a bonus, I'm not justifying any of the purchases. It's one of the things I notice I do a lot, buy or do something I want or need then spend a ton of time explaining (mainly to myself) why it happened. So I'm not doing that from now on. I know if I want/need/can afford something and no-one else really cares so why waste the energy when it doesn't change the outcome? 

There's been a slight tweak to River Cottage week, we're not having the pie, we're making mushroom risoniotto using the orzo pasta instead. I'd forgotten we're going to watch Widnes on Thursday night so I needed something simple. 


  1. Good for you, spending some money on yourself, I say, and not trying to justify it too. What is 'The Desire Map'? Have I missed something? Sounds intriguing.

    1. Thanks!

      The Desire Map is a book I got for the kindle in January. It's part of my life audit, a little bit of a self help type book, all about tapping in to how you want to feel rather than what you want to achieve. Slightly different focus but still all about getting the most from yourself. It's not the kind of thing I'd normally go for, but it's all in the spirit of doing the opposite.

      It's an easy read and I'm getting a lot from it.

  2. Sounds and interesting read - I like the title. I have a river cottage book the three ingrediants one my daughter bought me - I must look it out again. Enjoy your purchases!

    1. Thanks, I will. I took the Tevas out for a spin yesterday and they were very comfortable, just what I was looking for.

      The Desire Map is interesting, it's written in quite a dynamic way, I don't think everyone would appreciate that but I like the style.


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