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March Shopping Week One

I've done a lot of ordering this week. Today the order from Seasoned Pioneers should arrive with all the spices for following the Indian cookbook next week. Last night we went shopping for this week. We arrived at the right time as plenty of stuff on the shopping list was reduced, not to rock bottom prices but cheaper and as it was all on the shopping list it was a bonus. 

£12.50 f&v onions, broccoli, beans, squash, peppers, salad stuff, apples
£ 7.28 dairy and non-dairy cheese, butter, milk - apparently dairy is the order of the day.
£ 3.33 bread
£10.06 pantry barley, sesame seeds, curry paste, salad dressing, orzo, veg sausages, beans 
£29.83 herbs and spices 
£ 9.37 drinks tea, coffee beans, wine for cooking
£ 3.87 non-food kitchen roll, 2 x books from library book sale
£ 4.64 junk chocolate, nuts, cake

total £80.88

We only caught the tail end of the book sale at the library as we'd been to Preston as I mentioned but we had a look at what was left, everything was being sold off for 20p so I picked up a low salt cookbook, I've tabbed about a dozen recipes so I think I'll get good value from it. I treated Dan to a book too so we were both happy. 

About our London trip, we're going to be staying in/around Greenwich, if anyone knows any hidden delights over that way I'd love to hear about them. The following day (being "tired and emotional" permitting) we'll have about 6 hours before our train so we're looking for something fun to do. Top of the list currently is going to Tate Modern for the Matisse exhibition (half price with our Art Pass) but we're open to offers, we wouldn't want to wander past something and kick ourselves later - although I know there will be plenty of things going on that we won't be able to get to.