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where am I? in the living room watching a squirrel in the garden (this is exciting for me as it's only the second squirrel I've seen in this town)

what's the sky like? grey with threats of blue and sun

what am I wearing? grey and purple striped jumper, purple skirt

what's motivating me? squirrel, removing whatever that thing is that's causing the iron to be weird, clean and organised kitchen, scones, tea


where am I? the charity shop, behind the counter

what's the sky like? blue-grey

what am I wearing? as 9 am plus grey converse

what's motivating me? joy at the roof being fixed, busy busy busy busy busy shop, waaaaaay too much noise


where am I? in the car

what's the sky like? grey, pale blue and white

what am I wearing? as 2pm but with an orange coat

what's motivating me? lentil stuffed peppers, Dan's new glasses (no more taped up specs), sumac berries, Oystercatchers, horlicks