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Firstly,my apologies, some comments yesterday have disappeared, don't know what happened, I'm not ignoring anyone.

Now, another post about how I don't really like cooking.

I hit the wall last week. maybe it's more that I'm fed up with the pretty much endless rain, wind and general yuck in terms of this rubbish winter than the food itself. But I was just so fed up of eating sloppy, lentilly gunk that I couldn't face it any longer. I had a mini strop. 

That's why and how I ended up with the River Cottage Veg book, I thought that even though I'm not a massive fan of HFW he would probably represent a good change. I wasn't wrong, there are some very simple but exciting looking ideas in there (I know everyone already knows about this and I'm the straggler). I also decided to take a look at a couple of the other books I still own, I took a massive stack of them to the charity shop last year. My Mum is obsessed with The Book People and reads the booklet to me whenever she thinks there will be something I'll like. She ordered "Anjum's Indian Vegetarian Feast" months ago but I'd only had a quick scan of it. Looking again through new eyes it's another good one. There are a few spices I need to get me going but it looks like the recipes are fairly simple but delicious. I'll be giving them a go. 

There's still the rest of this month to get through and I wanted to throw the menu plan out of the window. But having examined it, it's not that bad. If I swap chilli for something less slop-like I can still have the sweet potato mash. The curry, berbere and bean stew can be adapted to be less of a gloop and the risotto and things are just what I'm after. So not too bad at all. 

After writing this first bit I spoke to Dan, we came up with the idea that we'd base our menu plan for a week on recipes from one cookbook. So the first week in March will be recipes from River Cottage, the week after the Indian Feast book. I don't know if it will work but it sounds like fun. I'm getting more excited about cooking and even more excited to get the herb garden set up. 


  1. The HFW one is good, I dithered and missed out on it in the charity shop a few months back. I best have a look in the library for it to pep up my menu plan too.

  2. I'm so glad I bought it, I might have dithered about it but Dan was with me and just said "buy it!" so I did! We went through it last night and added tabs to the recipes with immediate appeal. I'm sure I'll talk about how we get on.


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