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Shocker - February Shopping Week Three

A ridiculous shopping week covering February 14th - 20th. After my slop strop we went a bit bonkers. Having gone through the two cookbooks we have a list of ingredients we want to buy and I bought a few of them this week. 

£26.10 f&v potatoes, leeks, onions, chillies, mushrooms, cauli, celeriac, kale, grapes, lemons, salad, squash, olives, basil etc.
£ 6.46 dairy and non-dairy
£5.56 lentils and things rte lentils (emergency stash), tinned beans
£17.25 pantry sandwich stuff, sundried tomatoes, passata, oil, herbs and spices
£ 5.41 bread
£ 7.20 drinks coffee, ovaltine
£ 0.20 non-food cost of newspaper after loyalty card voucher
£ 1.20 junk Fishermans Friends.

£69.38 minus £5 voucher = £64.38

Bringing the total so far to a rather large £130.50.

That's a crazy amount for one week but a big bag of spuds was £5, the coffee was £4 for Dan to take to work, we have a big tub of chillies and sliced lemons in the freezer and two of the three freezer drawers are filled with bread. It is what it is, as long as we enjoy what we eat and don't chuck any of it away it doesn't really matter. We're well over my desired £110 but still comfortably under the £190 we set aside for groceries and household each month. 


  1. I have to admit I don't keep a record of what our food bills are, I just try to get bargains wherever I can, like coming home from Mum's called at the nearby Co-op and found 4 largish special bread rolls, 12p each rather than 49p, separate ones, grainy and with sundried tomatoes and plain. Lovely. Used them for husband's sandwiches.

    Just had to share this link with you! I hope you like it.

    1. That video is so cute, thanks for sharing it. I have a smaller version of that multiple times a day, I call it "bunnies in a barrel" as they chase each other round and round, sometimes even after I've distributed the food!

      You did well with the 12p rolls. I like to grab bargains when I can too, bread rolls are something that we see fairly often, they're good to stash in the freezer as we know they'll never go to waste.

  2. It is amazing how the items add up - I find coffee quite dear only hubby drinks it but the tea I buy is not cheap as I like Clipper Organic and Decaff seems I have to pay more for it being natural and no added caffeine!!

    1. We don't usually buy instant coffee so I was surprised by the price. Dan used be pay into a coffee fund at the office, but now they're mobile workers *roll eyes* no-one is in the same place to share things like this.


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