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February Shopping Week Four

Week four, February 21 - 28, it has been a long month! We've been off plan again this week. It's been a weird week, Dan went to London on Tuesday so wasn't around for food, so I just had some soup. Last night he attended an evening meeting so we were eating at different times again, tonight we're going to watch Widnes v Huddersfield so it'll be a case of grab and go. 

On Wednesday I roasted the remaining veg -  squash, cauli, red onion, chestnut mushrooms and celeriac. Then rolled out half a sheet of puff pastry and filled it with one of the puy lentil pouches we had in the emergency winter stash. To add a bit of moisture we had a dollop of Mr Vikkis tamarind chipotle chutney on the side which is delicious. Puy lentils are my new favourite thing. On Monday we had chilli from the freezer served with giant cous cous, that is not my new favourite thing! I'll probably use the rest of the cous cous with some puy lentils in a salad rather than eating it hot. Speaking of salad, red cabbage has been another hero this month, what a bargain for such a great veg.

Here's the spending - 

£ 18.95 f&v lettuce, carrots, cauli, tomatoes, radish, mushrooms, broccoli plus 8 pots of herbs for the garden
£ 7.57 dairy and non-dairy almond milk is £3 for 3 *hooray*
£ 7.72 bread
£ 12.02 pantry soup, tacos, pasta, bean burgers
£ 0.52 drinks
£ 1.00 junk chocolate bars
£ 6.29 non-food moisturiser

Total = £54.07

Month total = £184.07 A huge amount but I'm pleased we came in under the actual budget of £190. Next month will be interesting as I know we'll be buying a lot of pantry ingredients.

I'll go back to the garden centre to look for a chilli plant at some point, I didn't even think to look the other day. If I remember when the street market is on in the town I may nip down there, I think it's the first Thursday of the month. I've only seen it a couple of times but there was a stall with plants there as far as I remember.


  1. Maybe there's something in the water as this week turned out to be an odd one for us too, mainly with the Mister working wonky shifts. I've been doing a catch up read and pleased to hear you're feeling more content with your work at the charity shop. Good enough is certainly good enough! Look forward to hearing how you get on in the garden over the coming months too!

    1. Hi, thanks, everyone has been so kind and helpful about my shop wobble.

      I am excited about the garden, I never really want to do anything out there but I am now really glad I spent the time planting all those bulbs so I know that the wait is worth it. Veg stress may well be a whole different matter!

    2. Veg stress, yes indeed - I've got a bit of that and I'm only at the planning stage! Actually that makes it fancier than what it is - the 'trying to work out what may successfully grow in our garden' stage. Good luck!

    3. Ahhhh, planning. That would probably have been a good thing for me to do! Oh well. Look forward to hearing how you get on.


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