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Edible Garden

I spoke to Father about the garden, he nodded and picked up a tape measure so I think he may already have some thoughts on the matter. 

The past few days have been fairly productive in terms of the garden. We went out for a bit on Friday and cleared away some of the leaves covering the whole thing. There are many many bulbs showing their faces, I don't remember planting that many so I am more than happy with what I can see so far. All the other plants appear to have survived the wind and wet too. When Dan was tidying the garage so he could fit the car in during the storm he came across a treasure trove of seeds and bulbs. How long they've been there it's impossible to say, so the viability is uncertain, but they have no chance of growing if they stay in their packets and envelopes. We shoved some freesia bulbs in on Friday and there are two packets of wild flower seeds, I seem to remember we only bought them last year, envelopes of cornflowers and something else from my parents aaaaand some other bulbs that need to go out next week.

We went to a Christening on Sunday and while we were there Father presented me with gifts! A packet of poppy seeds he got as a freebie and doesn't need, plus a tub full of teeny lettuce and a big tray of onions, red and white. So this year it appears I will be growing onions. I am aware that tights may become useful for storage at some point. 

Along with all that we went to the garden centre nearby and bought some herbs, I don't know how much herbs should cost but we got 8 pots for £10. I ran around the garden collecting up empty pots that had been deposited by the wind and planted everything up and they're now lining the front of the patio. In the course of my chasing I discovered the strawberry plants that had taken flight recently. They'd landed upside down and were a bit squished but four of them were still green so I planted them too and they're starting to look a bit more perky. 

So, I have green stuff, floral stuff and potentially edible stuff. That's not too shabby for a new starter. 


  1. Good luck with all your plants - some you will win and some you will lose but it's always fun to try!

    1. Thank you, it will be exciting to see what happens!


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