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Decluttered 2019

My aim for this year is to not remove many things from the house, what I really need to focus on is not bringing things in - especially from the charity shop. For some reason the text is really tiny!


Glittery dress - never worn, never will. I actually bought this dress because I misheard something Dan said a few years ago. He was talking about two different things that lead me to think we were going somewhere really fancy. We weren't and I haven't since! 


dressing gown

2 colouring books, felt tipped pens, another craft scrape foil picture thing
pile of paper, greetings cards, other assorted stationery
6 magazines embroidery threads* I have lots and these are colours I wouldn't generally use
thread box* and those things to wrap thread/floss around. 
assorted craft stuff wooden shapes, lollipop sticks, wire etc
knitting needles I'm not a knitter, when I find the crochet hook that will go too
cotton yarn type stuff bought this to knit/crochet some dishcloths, just no
2 packs of colouring pencils I can't draw. I still have some watercolour pencils they will be enough
button pot it's cute, but not really useful to me


coat** - makes me look like an old lady

2 jackets** - love them but never seem to wear them
top** - love the design, don't love the style
dress - this has been my favourite dress for years, it goes by the name "amazing dress" because I always receive compliments when I wear it, but it's just not something I reach for these days, even for just round the house
another jacket* this was given to me, I didn't think I'd wear it but it was easier to just take it then have a discussion about why I didn't want it
skirt* same as the jacket

Other than the dress everything here is from a charity shop, or someone I know from my shop. I have noticed more and more that the things I tend to keep hold of are the things I've bought from real shops, rather than my charity shop bargains. I must keep that in mind when I see things I like.

* things that were given to me

** charity shop purchases