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Decluttered 2018

We thought we'd decluttered fairly well in 2017, but we were far more thorough in 2018 and removed quite a few things we would previous never have considered.

On occasions I didn't count the exact number of items so figures are a little vague. We also took a few donations from other people for the charity shop and helped out someone we know by taking items they had to donate/declutter but didn't want them to be donated in their local area, so they clogged up the garage for a little while. 


2 bags of rags
2 pairs of shoes
8 ties
20+ items of clothing each
8 items of costume jewellery
5 pairs of pyjamas 
all of my makeup and nail varnish
2 dresses
I almost redonated a top I bought from the cs recently but rescued it from the charity bag. It looks a bit like a nighshirt (think Scrooge) but then I remembered I am in need to some new lounge/nightwear. 


2 cushion inners
stack of old towels
2 bags of old curtains and other fabrics
2 pyrex dishes
steamer insert
35 kitchen utensils and bits
2 pans
picture frame
half a dozen mugs
5 dishes 
10 plates
10 glasses
former bottle garden - smashed
box file
storage tub, cracked
drainer, annoying
storage jar - another thing we rescued from the charity bag. Turns out I was a bit sentimental about it, also it's huge which is a good thing and also the reason it was almost donated
cafetiere - we have a number of coffee makers and I only very rarely drink coffee at home
vase - given to us but too big for our needs
small pile of Christmas decorations
fold up chair


oil and other bits from the old car
car part (I don't know what it is)
tiles from old bathroom
couple of tins of paint
some old weights (the exercise kind) - last used to keep the tarp on the leaking roof during a storm, last time they were used for exercise is uncertain 


9 trugs of soil
large shrub
out of date seeds
2 plants that died in the hot weather
big pile of pots


dvd recorder
tv box
phone charger
3 keyboards
mouse, bitten
another mouse, also bitten


2 armchairs
storage unit
bathroom cabinet
2 wire vegetable racks
shoe rack
coffee table


perpetual diary (gift)
another book


around 12 bags of stuff from other people 
photo paper
assorted craft bits and bobs
wrapping paper and bubblewrap
sewing sundries
cards and postcards
assorted pots and tins
loads of magazines
3 board games
small pile of presents we didn't pass on to our nieces
another board game
model cars - gifted to Dan from my Father, he kept some and is letting the rest go
5 Christmas decorations


  1. My goodness, that is quite the list. I could do with a few lessons, we decluttered prior to our move and we seem to have gained so much more again.

    1. It is a lot of stuff, especially as I thought we were fairly streamlined!


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