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Frugal Friday - Six

It's been all glamour this week. 

1. More freebies! Dan's mum tried some new breakfast cereal but the amount of fibre was too much so she offered them to us, one box of Shredded Wheat (not a brand we buy, but I do like them) and a box of Weetabix.

2. I primped the ironing board. Last week I noticed the mesh base of the ironing board had marked one of Dan's shirts, so we went to Wilko to find a thicker cover. Dan spotted an ironing board pad, ideal for mesh boards for £3.50. It works a treat and was cheaper than a replacement cover. 

3. I also primped the under sink cupboard. It's always getting messy so I added two bathroom organisers, one on the side, one on the door. The baskets came with us when we moved from the old house I think, so they've been with me for at least 10 years, the sticky pads have been in the junk drawer for years too - still sticky!

No, I don't use eco friendly sponges, I can't afford them (and haven't had success with cellulose cloths).

4. I had an unexpected meet up with a friend who was in the country for a holiday. I met up with her by taking the train (half the price of the bus) and when we had lunch I just had a tap water (free) with my food rather than buying a bottle of water, still delicious with some ice and lemon. 

5 Dan is an underbuyer so waits until the very last minute to buy things he want or needs, it drives me bonkers. Yesterday I bough a t-shirt for him (something on his list) from the £1 rail at a charity shop. 

Wishing everyone a good weekend, we plan to stay at home all weekend and just relax.  


  1. That's a very good storage idea. I may just possible nick it, please.

    1. Nick away! I think I stole the idea from a magazine or the IKEA catalogue.

  2. I’ve been wanting to make a new ironing board cover for ages. 😊

    I also don’t use eco friendly sponges. I cut the regular size ones in half, and also disinfect them in a bowl of vinegar in the microwave, so they last longer.

    Have a relaxing weekend !

    1. I cut sponges in half too, even though they're inexpensive it's important to make them last as long as possible isn't it.

  3. You had a wonderfully frugal week. Love the way you organized under your sink.

    God bless.

  4. I like your tidy cupboard! I got very tired on holiday in Italy of them not allowing you to have tap water with your meal and insisting on bringing bottled water over. It's so pointless having it in a bottle when the tap is fine! On the TGV train, we bought several things from the onboard cafe and I asked if she could give me hot water in my thermal cup and she told me that I could buy a bottle of mineral water in a bottle and she could heat it up in the microwave but they couldn't just give me hot water (hell, I would even pay for it!) so I ended up having to buy a very expensive tea.

    1. Thanks Kezzie, gradually whittling away the amount of products in there.

      How frustrating about the hot water, sometimes you just come across things that make you realise how much we've carved out a good little routine in our everyday lives.


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