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One thing that's been on my mind for a little while but it has been hitting me in the face during my holiday is how much negativity I encounter on a daily basis - not directed towards me, just a general vibe. 
I feel very fortunate that I don't feel the negative drain on social media that seems to bother lots of people, I feel the opposite, I follow accounts that I find informative, beautiful or are just held by people who give off a lovely positive feel, even if it's not something I'd necessarily be interested in. 
It's in real life I feel the negativity. I have one friend/acquaintance/whatever that I speak to almost every day but oh my word they can find the clouds on a sunny day. Although I love to discuss and debate things with some people there are just some people that I'm not prepared to waste my energy on, it's one of the reasons that I don't tell people what I think they should do here, I just talk about what I do. That thumbs up emoji (is it an …

My Little Green Actions - May

How you spend your days is how you spend your life is a phrase that keeps popping up, and it's one that's quite fitting for me at the minute. 

I seem to be spending the year improving myself one way and another, whether I like it or not. It's now over 5 months since I drank alcohol, I've cycled every week Monday to Friday since January 1st (other than at Easter when I gave myself Good Friday and Easter Monday off). The veg box has increased the variety of food on the menu each week. I've improved my sleep and have cut lots of caffeine out of my days, and I've stuck to my aim of spending a minimum of 20 minutes outside daily unless the weather is awful.
It wasn't part of the plan but I've fallen into the routine of adding a new task each month to develop into a habit. The end of April/ start of May was all about sleep, the end of May has been about water.
We're not on a water meter so it's been easy to ignore water waste but when I started to think …

My Boring Photo Collection

But sometimes boring, mundane things are the things that make me happy. 
Quite a few years ago I bought a couple of compost bins because composting is the right thing to do, we have the space and all that stuff. We filled both of the bins and then just didn't do anything with them, they've just sat there for years doing who knows what. Since then we've all learned the world is on fire, I've turned a corner with the garden and everything is calling me to act. So this weekend it became very important to face the potentially stinky, mouse-ridden, stinky, uncomposted, sludgy mess of the bins, so yesterday Dan started the job, in the rain and the wind.

We piled the contents of the first bin into trugs, nothing was smelly, or slimy, there were a couple of insects and spiders, but that was it - not even a slug!

We sifted everything and bagged the compost, well I call it compost, I assume I can call it that but it wasn't the rich, lovely, earthy stuff I see on the telly when …

Busman's Holiday - What I Bought In May

We've been off work for the past two weeks, but I've still spent much of my time in charity shops. Thankfully for me I haven't spent all that much of my money in them. It's been an expensive month, mainly due to having a couple of family events, but I'm happy we haven't bought all that many things.

Dan has done particularly well in the charity shops, he bought a pair of denim shorts from Lytham for £3.50 and a top for cycling to work from Llandudno for £3.75. The town hall in LLandudno was holding a small antiques fair the day we visited, 50p entry which included a cup of tea or coffee, can't be bad. I picked up a couple of first day covers for 50p each. I've accidentally fallen into being a stamp collector. 

Not from a charity shop is a big blue flexible bucket from IKEA, cost a fiver and is just what I've been after, we only have a single sink in the kitchen so when I want to soak something or clean something big there's no space, this is ideal.…

How I Improved My Sleep

I have always been a terrible sleeper, even when I was very young. 

When I was about 7 or 8 I became very concerned about the size of the universe, and people telling me to count to get to sleep only made it worse as I just thought about the numbers, what they meant and how you only reached a certain number before it was just too much and everything worldly seemed insignificant. Then as I got older there were late nights studying, all those nights on the town, crashing on sofas in houses that weren't my own, working shifts and good old coffee, all things to ruin a good sleep routine. 

So I'm working on it. Firstly there is the physical bit - exercising first thing in the morning, keeping busy at work, sorting out the garden etc. The mental things, trying not to worry about the thing that worries me, and letting go of the things of the day before bed, the joy of list writing etc. Then there's the stimulant area. I love a cup of tea and I've been searching for years for th…

In The Veg Box

Another week, another pile of veg. In the first week of May we received spring greens, cauliflower, bunched carrots, potatoes (there's a kilo of spuds, not just three individuals).

Spinach, cherry tomatoes, a very pretty lettuce and courgettes. 

On Thursday we used spinach, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and leeks left over from last week with some soy strips. 

I forgot to photograph Friday and Saturday, Friday was jacket potato with lentils, houmous and salad. Saturday we were out so didn't really have anything proper, just picnic food. 

Dan made lots of bread on Sunday, for lunch we had a nice bun with some homemade houmous and a bit of salad.

Followed by a pizza type thing. I have never liked cheese so don't miss it on things like this, I had a huge dollop of avocado instead. From the box I used spinach and courgette, the peppers and artichoke were from the pantry.

Then I forgot to take pictures but we had risotto with greens, something I  can't remember even though it was o…

Outdoor Housework

A month or so ago we spent some time improving a small area of the garden, I wrote about it here.

I do need to remove a couple of the grasses and give them some time in the plant hospital as they're not doing very well, but the plant nearer to the house look great. 

My relationship with gardening changed the day my dad told me not to worry about what I did, if something died I could always replace it.

My Low Waste Travel Kit

Or in real life, my picnic stuff. Spoiler: it's not white, I don't drink from a jar and there's no bamboo spork, or indeed a spork made of any material, it's a great word though. 

I know if sounds like I am poking fun at the zero/low waste community, I'm not, I think it's a great things and love to watch a few people on YouTube who generously give up their time for free to help people. In fact recently there's been a spate of videos about those low waste essentials people wish they hadn't bought when they started, which is great. Shopping at home first and considering what you need/want is a great message to send out and I think helps motivate people think things aren't out of their reach due to budget, accessibility or other factors.  

We begrudgingly take picnics with us most of the time when we have a day out. It's not that we don't like the food, it's the messing about making something when all we want to do is get out of the house, th…

My Little Green Actions

I started thinking about the things I do to make my life a bit greener, and realised that's the whole thing isn't it - it's about doing, not buying.

There were plenty of things, using what I had, hiring, sharing, borrowing instead of buying, going without, buying second hand, repairing, recycling, upcycling, adapting, making do, making, altering, growing my own - even though it's a small amount, deciding not to declutter something just to buy a better version, cooking from scratch and measuring our portions, baking bread, eating a plant based diet, storing things properly, using my vote, having a wildlife friendly garden, using green energy, taking care of things, being organised, using my skills, walking or cycling where possible (Dan cycles to work when he can, I can't be trusted on a bike).

Anyway, I thought about loads of these green/ low waste/ whatever actions, most of them are just old school frugal tips, but when it came down to it the two biggest things I do…