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Why I'm Not Shopping At The Zero Waste Shop

(I know, who cares?)

Before I start, I'm not beating myself up about it. Over the past year or so it seems you're never too far from an article about zero waste/low waste shopping, and it looks great, especially in terms of community and slowing down a bit, but I think I need to do things differently to watch my waste.

First and foremost I can't really afford it. I understand why these shops are more expensive, I understand why things that are Fairtrade, ethically sourced and made, plastic free etc are more expensive, but I can't afford to shop that way - of course I am in no way suggesting I live in poverty or anything like that, I'm just an absolutely average person living in a small town, more Home Bargains than Hetu. So I need to consider the best balance of doing good (if that's the phrase) and budget.

Secondly, it's not that accessible. I'd have to travel miles to shop that way, and go by car. If I'm somewhere and I can buy something then that…

How Not Drinking Helped With My Grief

We've been going through some sad times recently, and of the many things I thought about during that time alcohol was quite far up the list. 
Not that I wanted to drink, but how easy it would have been to use grief either as an excuse to drink or as the cliched crutch. Instead I really have to sit with my feelings and just go through the process to deal with the emotions, as well as the practicalities, and it has been a really positive thing. I have genuinely been able to understand the physical and psychological impact of my sadness without anything to muddy the waters - my headaches have been actual headaches, not anything to do with having a fuzzy head due to a bottle or two of beer.
As an aside, not drinking has meant my sleep hasn't been interrupted so that isn't compounding any down feelings I may have, I've been able to rest, recoup and get my thoughts in order. It's amazing, I just don't feel as floored as I thought I would, I'm sad, but I'm also …

No Soup!

I didn't take many photos this time around, it's been another exhausting week and everything needed to be simple and quick. On Friday we had a big chuck it all in a roasting tin kind of meal. Saturday we were out all day so we just had some falafel sandwiches with the lettuce and radish. Sunday was chickpea dhal with cauliflower rice stir fried with chard and spring greens. 

Monday, more Cauliflower rice with greens with a harissa butterbean pie with leeks, chard and courgette. Tuesday we had leftover pie with some potatoes, steamed carrots and the last of the greens. 

Finally on Wednesday I made bubble and squeak from some leftover potatoes, chard and spring greens, served with a shop bought bean burger and some tomatoey lentils. This was surprisingly enjoyable! Thank goodness for our little ice box and being able to stash a couple of sheets of pastry and a packet of burgers!

The new box arrives today, leftover from this week - a couple of potatoes, carrots, one or two radish, h…

In The Veg Box - disaster week

In the box this week - potatoes, spring greens, more of the dreaded wild garlic (although I am getting used to it), carrots, cauliflower, leeks, purple sprouting broccoli and cherry toms. 

First of all I had some parsnips and half a cauliflower to use up. The parsnips were coated in some sticky maple glaze that I picked up for 10p after Christmas at M&S. The cauliflower just had a drizzle of rapeseed oil and roasted. 

We ate this on Thursday evening with a mix of quinoa, freekeh and lentils.  

Friday was a bit of a disaster, I made and dropped a potato layer bake. So what I ate was a bag of salt and pepper crisps from M&S. Saturday we went to a local Chinese restaurant, it was very very nice, I can't remember the last time we did that. I didn't take a picture but I ate salt and pepper tofu followed by vegetables in black bean sauce and jasmine rice, washed down with a refreshing alcohol free lager. 

Sunday I mainly ate toast and red velvet muffins. 

Dan was away at the star…

In The Veg Box

The pile of veg collapsed as I took this picture! In the veg box this week we had potatoes, carrots, chard, a huge cauliflower, little gem lettuce, courgettes, cucumber and tomatoes. 

Even though it was probably past its best I used the rest of the wild garlic to make some soup. 

In this was a courgette, half of the chard and the rest of the wild garlic leftover from last week. I just added a small amount of pepper and sage to the stock for extra flavour.

I had never eaten chard before so I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I just cooked it along with some of the courgette and hoped for the best. 

Along with the roast vegetables we had some of the potatoes and a beetroot burger from Aldi. I forgot to take a picture of our food over the weekend but as we were watching Burnley v Wolves on Saturday and Oldham v Widnes on Sunday I made a big pan of hash using the potatoes and carrots. 

Meal of the week was chickpea dhal with salad, cauliflower rice and tempeh. Sainsbury's has just sta…

New Year Resolution - Three Months On

In January I made a few resolutions, one was to do something when I had the thought 'I can't be bothered', to use my exercise bike Monday to Friday for 10 minutes per day, and to use up my fabric stash and scraps. 

Three months into the year it's going pretty well. 

Every morning I get up just after 6.30 pedal for 14 minutes, plus one minute cool down then jump into the shower, get dressed and am ready for breakfast. On days where I don't have much energy I select a harder programme so I can pedal more slowly but still get a nice bit of exercise. It takes nothing out of my day and I have more energy to get going.

Decluttering has slowed considerably as I'm focusing now on finding a use for things rather than discarding and replacing, I bought a denim pinafore from the charity shop which has given new life to a few tops I didn't wear all that often which is great. 

I'm getting through both my fabric and lots of thread and very much enjoying finding a way to …