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In The Veg Box

There was a really exciting mix of things in the box this week - potatoes, parsnips. spring greens, courgettes, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, wild garlic and chestnut mushrooms. I have never in my life eaten wild garlic before.  Also in the box was a beautiful free gift. It's a very nice hardback book all about autumn and winter food with information about the season, how to prepare each vegetable and suggested recipes.

Half a tin of sweetcorn was waiting to be used up so that was the inspiration for Thursday night. I had a look in the book and decided to try the parsnip and chickpea curry. 

Dan had requested roast cauli so I just served that on top of the curry rather than putting it into the sauce. I also made some little sweetcorn bites to go with it. From the box I used tomatoes, lettuce, parsnips, and small amount of spring greens. Leftover from last week I used onions, half a carrot and a potato in the bites, I based them on this recipe from Vegan Richa, very simple to make if you…

Two Down, Two To Go

A few years ago we created a veg patch in the back garden, we quickly realised we didn't enjoy growing veg at all, since then this area has been a bit of a nothingy space, and as it's the first thing I see when I look out of the living room window it's a bit deflating. 

Last year we turned the area behind the garage into a little courtyard seating area using some grasses - Dan's favourite thing to see in a garden. This weekend we were talking about the garden and what to do with the former veg patch and decided to have a little switch around. Last year we grew wildflowers in the bed and grasses in the planters, so this year it's the other way about.

 There were quite a few other plants dotted around the bed, lavender, sea holly, poppies, cardoon, and a few other things so we took them out and planted them elsewhere, other than the cardoon, two echinops and the perennial sunflowers. I divided the grasses, with quite some difficulty and dotted them around and put the p…

In The Veg Box

Week two of the veg box 

This week we received potatoes, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, spring greens, cauliflower, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. Here's what we ate (I know I'll never get a job as a food photographer, I'm always too hungry)

Roast veg and butterbean pie with houmous, sweet potato fries and pesto spring greens. This used the leftover red pepper and courgette from the previous week plus an onion, some of the spring greens and a sweet potato.

Friday was a bit of a junk food night, we had a burger (just the cheapo soy ones from Sainsbury's) with the last of the lettuce an onion and some of the cherry tomatoes, Dan had ketchup I had IKEA sweet mustard. 

We had our main meal at lunchtime on Saturday before the football, leftover butter bean pie, spring greens, cherry toms and a dollop of the amazing M&S Plant Kitchen coleslaw. 

We didn't really eat much on Sunday, I wasn't feeling great so we just grazed from the fridge. Monday was stirfry, with some…

What Would John Bercow Do?

aka I would love a dishwasher.

I probably wouldn't ever use it, but believing there was the option of not washing up is very appealing as is the idea of not making bread, or houmous, or anything else for a while. I'm sure it's just down to the time of year but I'm having plenty of those walking through treacle days where everything just seems to take an age, and even then is never really done. 

Dan has struck upon a sure fire way to get me to do what I need/want to do by simply asking me - what would John Bercow do? For those who maybe not hooked on watching BBC Parliament by just being a normal person who does more interesting things, the man in question is the Speaker of the House of Commons, he shouts "UNLOCK" a lot and makes everyone behave. So by asking me WWJBD Dan is reminding me that I want to follow procedure!* 

This week I am mainly annoyed by the seemingly endless washing up. The kitchen frequently looks like some version of this 

Bits! Tiny bits of th…

Life On The Veg

After much discussion and procrastination we decided to start getting a veg box delivery. Ours arrives on a Thursday, which is ideal for me, ordering is easy and delivery is very simple as we have an outdoor store so I don't even have to be in when it arrives.

Here's what we got in our medium box (enough for 2-3 people) and what I made with it.

I'd already used one large carrot and an onion when I took this picture. The box contained 1kg potatoes (in the brown bag), oakleaf lettuce, 2 red peppers, 2 courgettes, carrots, onions, 2 sweet potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli.
First up I used a sweet potato, a carrot and an onion to make soup.

That evening I made risotto, something I hadn't made for many years. From the box I just used half an onion and half the purple sprouting broccoli. I adapted this Tesco recipe stirring some pesto through at the end instead of cheese.

On Friday we ate some leftover shepherdess pie, so didn't use anything from the box. Saturday we had…