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The Layers of the Onion

I spoke quite a lot last year about decluttering the house, including my craft stuff. This year I've made a start on my scrappy quilt and have been shocked at how much unused fabric I own. It got me thinking about other craft items in the sideboard that I know I'm not going to use but I just haven't been willing to donate. So I faced the fear, it took about ten minutes, hardly a trial!

This is what I found. Pretty things, but things I won't use but someone else will. 

I've added a page for things I've decluttered this year, you can see it at the top if the screen, just below the blog title if you're interested. 

I'll be taking this stuff to the charity shop at the end of the week, if anyone wants any of it then let me know, email me at The pastel pencils and coloured pencils have been used, but not much.