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The Layers of the Onion

I spoke quite a lot last year about decluttering the house, including my craft stuff. This year I've made a start on my scrappy quilt and have been shocked at how much unused fabric I own. It got me thinking about other craft items in the sideboard that I know I'm not going to use but I just haven't been willing to donate. So I faced the fear, it took about ten minutes, hardly a trial!

This is what I found. Pretty things, but things I won't use but someone else will. 

I've added a page for things I've decluttered this year, you can see it at the top if the screen, just below the blog title if you're interested. 

I'll be taking this stuff to the charity shop at the end of the week, if anyone wants any of it then let me know, email me at The pastel pencils and coloured pencils have been used, but not much.

One Less Trip To The Shops

For what seems like the past 600 years I have been trying to make my own houmous, but it's never been all that nice. I can't imagine how many recipes and tweaks I've tried. 

So a couple of times a week, one of us goes to the shop to buy houmous as we eat it for lunch every day, well I didn't eat it on days I was going to the charity shop but now I don't care if I'm a bit garlicky, maybe people won't stand as close to me as some of them choose to do. 

But all that shopping, and all those plastic pots that are too flimsy to use for anything else have always annoyed me so yesterday I typed "perfect houmous" into my phone, then I typed "easy perfect houmous" because I am not jumping through hoops for anything, even perfection. 

From the glamour of my draining board I bring you my perfect houmous! I used this recipe from The secret is to whip it! Creaming together the lemon juice and tahini before adding the chickpea is what m…


I haven't chosen a word of the year, I was just focusing on being aware of when I thought I couldn't be bothered. But one word keeps popping up over and over, a couple of people used it when I spoke about my perfect Friday, the day I didn't meet my friend to go shopping.


It's just a word that keeps jumping out at me, and I think it's something I need to pay attention to. Whether it be decluttering items that don't add anything to my life, or spending time doing things and surrounding myself with positive people taking me in the right direction. 

Being in the town is a lovely thing at the moment, it's so nice to have the sense of belonging to a community for probably the first time. I did a favour for the manager of one of the shops last week, so then they gave me the heads up about something I might be interested in, I then told someone I know so they could benefit too. Just little things that make the day a bit brighter. 

In the value for money sense of …