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Freebie and Bargain of the Week

Quite a few things this week. 

I bought a book from the charity shop for 49p. I think I've borrowed this from the library before, there are some good, basic recipes in there so should be good. If not, I'll pass it on.

Someone offered us a bag of rabbit food, which was gratefully accepted. It's the brand we regularly buy so it won't go to waste. 

The main thing that saved money was to stretch the food we had to make an extra meal. Dan was in London one day and didn't think he's be eating at home, but he was home early enough, so although the only vegetables we had were onions and broccoli I made some spicy rice, based on a recipe for jollof rice, and served it with some life saving IKEA veggie balls. 

The night before we fancied a bit of a treat because a couple of things had gone wrong with the house and we were at a bit of a low ebb. I had already made dhal so I spent 36p on onions and made baked onion bhajis, Dan made flatbread. Saved us money on shop bought items and it was nice to cook together, something we rarely do. 

We bought a falafel mix a little while ago and I made that up for lunches this week instead of heading out to buy houmous or something. The packet mix isn't really cheaper than buying any other sandwich filling, but it was to hand.

Tonight I'm having a night out with people from work. My boss found a Groupon deal for a meal and cabaret in Blackpool, we just have to chip in for the taxi there and home. We have saved money by taking our own celebration cake, rather than paying extra for dessert (the venue allows this). I didn't really have anything to wear so my boss kindly brought some dresses from home for me to choose from. They're a size larger than I wear, but a big stretchy belt has come to my aid and I'm ready to go!


  1. Have a wonderful night out, sounds like fun. I haven't been to Blackpool for many years but used to love the lights.

    1. Thank you, the show was great and although I've been tired ever since I had lots of fun!

  2. I like the look of that book, just had a look on Amazon. I'll look forward to seeing what meals you make from it.

    I've just bought Veggiestan by Sally Butcher, used from Amazon, and didn't realise I had ordered the German version! Now I either have to send it back or learn German.....

  3. You have some very nice deals come your way this week.

    God bless.


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