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Convenience Eating

Last week we ate a ton of processed food! On Sunday we visited IKEA and took the opportunity to splash out 50p each on a veggie dog for our lunch. I don't like mustard so had some ketchup, Dan said it was perfect with the sweet mustard they offer, the crispy onions and red cabbage were a lovely addition. 

We had a couple of meals that only existed so we could eat cauliflower, I love cauli so much! This was a chipotle and sage veg stew.

I had half a sheet of puff pastry In the ice box so made a big pasty each filled with tomatoey lentils, served with some broccoli I pinched from the buns.

This was a bit of an I don't know what to cook meal. Rice with leftover lentils with spring onion, red pepper and mushrooms and a sweet potato burger. I hadn't seen these before but I bumped into my boss in Aldi and she told me about them so I thought I'd give them a go. I actually really enjoyed it, I think Dan was slightly less keen, they're not the cheapest of the cheap at £1.49 fo…

For The Messies

Oh no, the cat got into my WIP bag and messed up all my threads!

I had been treating my WIP bag as a bit of a stash and dash receptacle so it was pretty much overflowing, the time had come-gone-come again for me to sort through it. Not something I was looking forward to. 

It took ten minutes. Why was I putting it off? So, my question for anyone else out there who isn't naturally tidy or organised, what tips work for you in your efforts to make things easier?

Mine is simple, and something I picked up from spending time in the homes of my tidy friends - to not have a bin in every room. I used to have a bin in every room, but they would all get filled up to overflowing. Now we have two bins in the bathroom - recycling and non-recycling, and one in the kitchen - although even this is a new item this year. It means there's not as much work to do with all that emptying, and it helps rooms look clearer and there's not a basket of junk in every corner. Well, there probably is, but yo…

Knit Your Own Yoghurt

Over the last couple of days I've seen a few comments made on social media that were a bit, what's the word, snobby about living a sustainable life, or not. I can't be doing with that kind of attitude, people like what they like and no-one is better because they prefer jus to gravy, or they pretend to like kale. My mate laughs at my reusable mug, she thinks it's a bit bonkers that I'd pay good money for a cup of coffee and then on top of that I'd pay ten quid for a cup to carry it round in. And you know what, they are absolutely right - I clearly have a lot of money to waste.

There are buy for a lifetime shops online these day, and most of the stuff is rather expensive, which is understandable. I've spoken quite a few times before about ethical clothing) and how if I rip my leggings, I need a new pair for today or tomorrow, I can't wait until I have twenty quid or more to spend, then wait for it to be delivered, I need them now. Same with other things, m…

I Can Do That!

After having a bad dream (I moved to the countryside), I heard the trailer for a show on BBC World Service about a former art forger, I think it may have been  John Myatt. When talking about forging the paintings he commented that, like the artists, he also had two eyes and two hands so why couldn't he imitate their work?

It made me think, I'm absolutely average in every way, there are lots of everyday things that other people manage to do that I could be better at, and asked myself am I prepared to put some extra time and effort in to getting something close to what I'm after. What I'm after at the moment is to not have to donate three dresses. I made a promise that if these three dresses didn't fit when party season comes around in December then they were out. 

Ambitions can start small and from a place of vanity, I'll think of a grander scheme when I'm exercising and not eating biscuits!

Seems A Bit Strange

After all the decluttering we've been doing recently it seems a bit odd that Dan suggested yesterday that we visit IKEA. It turns out, it was the best time to go as every time we saw something we liked we had a conversation about whether we really needed it or whether we just liked it and that made things easier and cheaper. The main reason for the visit was just to lounge around in the different rooms, I find IKEA to be the most relaxing place in the land, so cosy and soothing. Yeah, I know I live near the beach, but that's not as relaxing, even with a blanket. We did come home with a few things along with our lesson about not reclogging the house with useful, but unnecessary items. 

Veggie balls - no explanation needed. They just about squeezed into the ice box. 

A cooling tray, is that what they're called? Cooling rack? Over the past year or so we have started doing lots of baking I make scones and sweet things in an attempt to avoid nipping to the shop for treats. Dan ma…

Get It Done

A while ago I decided I didn't want to finish the two quilts I had on the go, I love the patchwork but I don't like the actual turning it into a quilt. But I couldn't bring myself to let the stuff go, so I decided to finish Dan's quilt topper, I just added the binding, finished it last night and Dan took it straight to bed!

Slow Homewares - Textiles

For quite some time people have been speaking out about fast fashion and the damage it is doing to people and the environment, most recently Stacey Dooley Investigates (available for the next couple of weeks). Over the past few weeks I've seen the subject of fast homewares cropping up more and more, and I have been pretty surprised at the amount of painting and wallpapering some people on Instagram seem to do.
So I've been thinking about where I sit in terms of this. I do like to buy a few bits and bobs from charity shops, but not all that much really, I don't have the patience to browse through all the stuff, same with any kind of second hand place, I just don't have the concentration span that vintage shoppers have! I started a mental tour of the house to see how thoughtful my purchases have been. 
I started with textiles, as they're the most colourful and easiest to spot. Up above are the curtains in Dan's dressing room, we bought them from a very small fair a…

The System Works!

Thank you for the welcome back.

A few weeks after the last major declutter a feeling of terror/ slight annoyance came over me when, one morning, the top row of the keyboard on my laptop didn't work. This meant I couldn't even get into the thing as, of course, it's password protected. 

It can be so easy to just get into just chuck it mindset but it is important to be realistic and for me to not just get into an unthinking mode when sorting out an area. There is a point between just get rid and just in casethat can work well. We decided to keep one keyboard because very occasionally I do like to use it, especially if I'm spending time at the dining table, so it made sense and it's small enough to fit in a drawer so doesn't take up much space when not in use. I don't regret donating the spare tv, dvd player and tv box though as I know that when the tv stops working Dan will want a new one. I know this as he's been looking at new tvs for about 5 years, he won…

Breathing Space

Recently things have all been about breathing space. 

Getting rid of that feeling that everything is needed at once and there's no time to think or be the master of your own destiny, or even thoughts. Everything from people coming to work on the house, general chatter, heat, unsolicited advice, answers to questions I didn't ask, and of course stuff
We have peeled enough layers of the onion to address things that had a home and weren't causing any bother - like books. We'd been talking for a long time about needing a bookcase, now we're 100+ books lighter we don't need one, we would still quite like a small one, but we don't need it right now. I don't remember most of the books that we donated, and if I want to read one again I'll borrow it from someone, from the library, read it on my e-reader or do something else. Keeping hold of books was just another form of just in case clutter. Books have no magical properties, other than those we bestow on the…