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Up On The Roof

Long story short, we need a new porch roof, or we can just live with the beautiful indoor waterfall we currently have. This morning Dan has been taping up the worst of it until we can have someone round to replace everything. We knew it needed to be done but were hoping we'd have a little more time - the eternal lament.
Is there room for another thrifty living blog? Hope so.

What I Ate - Mid August

Over the past week or so I've eaten a few different things, which was fun but a bit more expensive than usual. One lunchtime I treated myself to sushi from Tesco, very nice for £2. 

Stuffed mini peppers with bulghur and guacamole

I was surprised to see Tofurkey brand sausages at our small Sainsbury's so I popped them into my basket. We had them one night with pasta, ideal as they were tomato and basil flavour.

I used the other two in a really hearty sausage stew - it was chilly some days last week! 

At £3 for four sausages they weren't cheap, having said that next time I'd just use one sausage in the stew and add a tin of beans to make the pack stretch further without missing any of the flavour or texture. Used this way they were something different and decent value for money. Glad I tried them. 

Midweek I was really craving a chocolatey something so I was made up when Dan came home with a sweet surprise

I can't remember the last time I ate a Nakd bar but this one was ju…

In The Window

It's been a while, but this week we needed a window display so here it is. I decided to go with a dusky pink and green theme with a few metallics thrown in for good measure. It doesn't look like this now as some items have gone off to a new home already. 

The mini skirt (bnwt, I think it was Coast) sold quickly, and at £3.99 I'm not surprised, so cute!

I love the tropical Monsoon dress

I made this necklace using an old chain and a bookmark.

The window attracted quite a lot of attention, let's hope it translates into sales!

I'm Not Done

And I won't be til my head falls off.

As I've mentioned before, when I'm feeling a bit wonky I tend to slide back into disorganised ways, I'm still not quite back on an even keel apparently so I'm still working on it. I have found myself getting stuck quite a bit, specifically about getting things out of the house to the right place - the right charity shop to get the most money for my things, disposing of every little bit of recyclable stuff, and feeling dread when things have to actually just go into the bin. As a consequence of this the things I sorted out the other week are in the main still in the house, which makes the house look more messy which adds to the churning negative thoughts. And on we go. 

Even if getting things out of the house is a struggle, deciding what needs to go is not (huge progress), which means each area is easier to deal with than the one before. The dining room sideboard is a bit of a stash-and-dash location, wrapping paper, stamps I used…

Eating In August - Brown

Decluttering is over for this round, hopefully it's going to be a while before I need to do it again*. Although we've still had some hot, sunny days, over the past few weeks we seem to have been hogging all the rain in England. I can't say I was too upset as I was craving soup.

We went out for brunch, one of my favourite things to do, this delicious breakfast bowl was from The Herbarium in Lancaster.

Roast mushroom, courgette and sweetcorn fritter, tempeh patty, hash, avocado and homemade ketchup. 

There's always time for cake. This was a lemon and pistachio cake from Little Barista in Burnley, it's one of their two new more luxury vegan cakes, Dan went for the cookie dough option. It was more expensive than their usual cakes but this piece is big enough for sharing if that's something you can contemplate. 

We ate the last tin of fava beans! This tin of beans has been hanging around in the pantry for months, maybe a year, the last time I tried these I didn't li…

Hot On The Heels

Thursday's decluttering in the spare room took me back 15 years to the time I cleared the house of my masses of stuff. During that time I would work all day dealing with things, making hundreds of decisions and dealing with tons of stuff that I'd been accumulated over the years. I didn't think I would have those feelings of complete overwhelm again, but there they were. 

By the time Dan arrived home from work on Thursday evening I was mentally exhausted, thankfully we were heading out to the football so I got a break from it and could just sit back and not exactly relax but do something completely different. 

I'm now delving into my wardrobe and considering two items that I have kept hold of, but won't use again. Two pairs of leather shoes. I haven't worn them for years, and yet they linger on the top shelf of the wardrobe because I just can't decide what to do with them. There's a nice tomato red pair

and a pinky purple pair

I think I'll take them to a…

Excess Padding

Firstly I just have to thank everyone for their recent comments, they are much appreciated. In particular, Granny J is some kind of genius, the bulldog clips I didn't want to part with but had no use for are now in the pantry keeping opened bags safe and sound. I had been using clothes pegs to keep bags clipped up, now I can keep them for their real use. Thank you Granny J!

So yesterday I sorted out the spare room wardrobe. The mess in here had built up over a really short period of time, other than my quilting bag and small sewing machine it had been empty when my parents came to visit at the start of June. 

The hot weather was part of the problem, we've been switching between bedrooms, depending on which side of the house was cooler, and we bought a lighter weight duvet, so bedding was all over the place (and I own too much stuff). The once things start to pile up, other things start to pile up in the same place. 

The Wrapping Paper Curse struck again. If there is one thing at …

I Know This Is Junk

I decided to ask at the local craft shop if they had a community bookshelf or some other way of passing on the books to a craft group, they said yes and took them from me, which was great.

This morning my thoughts turned to my craft sideboard. I call it that but it actually holds all manner of things but the craft stuff needed to be addressed. 

I only removed the craft items as the books are what they are for now.


The thing is most of this stuff could, and should go. I'm not making quilts anymore, nor am I making festive things, or things to help decorate the shop, but at this point I am finding it near impossible to let go of things. Not necessarily because my fantasy self makes things, more a mixture of not being happy about where things would end up i.e the bin, and some of the things are just so cute!

I love this pot, it was 50p from M&S, it's of no use to me but it's cute, and actually goes really well with my new rug!

I have never used these clips, but again, so…