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This, Not That

This month has been incredibly refreshing, as well as letting go of lots of physical clutter I've let go of a few mental things too. Dan and I love nothing more than a good old chat to reflect on the month just gone, something we did on our way to the football yesterday - yes, football is back already!

It stemmed from a trip to Lancaster on Saturday, we went to a vegan fair and bought a few edible things, and while some of them were great (Bakewell Tart) Dan said on a couple of occasions that I could have made things better. Then I had a conversation with a lady at the city centre market, she was telling me about her wedding and how unimpressed she was with the food and how she wished she'd had time to prepare it herself. I feel like that a lot. 

So what did we learn? We both were really disappointed with a meal we had at a pub, the food was great, but it was so expensive for what it was, it cost 5% of our holiday budget but was nowhere near 5% enjoyment.

I'm not that bothere…

Shiny Things

I decided to have a poke through my bedside cabinet and small cupboard thing that I have instead of a dressing table, I do not take enough time getting ready to have a dressing table! 

First I went through my accessories and things and found 8 bits of jewellery and things to donate. I also let go of a broken brooch that I miss so much, but every time I see the broken piece I feel really sad so it has gone away. Also a couple of empty boxes, papers, old cosmetics - I almost never wear make make up so there's no need to hang on to much. Some shoelaces, old loyalty cards and other assorted things. 

When I was 40 I was given a flat herringbone necklace that belonged to my Grandmother, the first time I took it out of the box it snapped. I now never wear necklaces when I'm with my parents just so they don't ask me why I don't wear it. I have no idea if this type of thing can be repaired or if I need to maybe I could just buy a new one. It's another minor stressy thing!

I ha…


A couple of people mentioned they'd like to see the bits and bobs we picked up on holiday so here they are. Apologies for the dark pictures, we've had rain every day since the end of last week, and again I apologise to Melanie for bragging about that!

Starting with the clothes. We were in the town on the first day of the holiday, and nipped into a charity shop I don't usually visit, I bought the first two items I saw on the rails, £3.29 each.

I also treated myself to something new. I bought this beautiful skirt from Kemi Telford, a brand I found via Instagram, great service and the most positive comments to accompany their pictures, feel good times. 

I know everyone is over gallery walls in their homes, but I'm not so we bought a few prints. 

4 Fresh Trippers by Peter Brook, we had seen an exhibition of these paintings at Redbrick Mill earlier in the year, so when we saw prints at a gallery in Skipton we chose one. We went for this one as it reminded us of a day we spent i…

Haven't I Thrown You Away Before?

Dan started the slightly dull yet necessary job of filling and sanding the bathroom this weekend. To make it look like I wasn't just flopping around eating Divine dark chocolate with hazelnuts and watching Sky Sports News I decided to find things to throw away. 

The inspiration for this was how long it took us to move everything out of the (small) bathroom in order for decorating to begin - towels, cleaning products, cleaning cloths, bin, recycling bin, spare products, products we actually use. I thought I'd really slimmed down the bathroom stuff, apparently not. So I went through it, but all I found to remove from the house were a virtually empty tube of lip balm, last used about two years ago to fix the boiler, a nearly empty bottle of body moisturiser (does that have a proper name?) body balm, body cream..? and a bottle of conditioner, something I never use due to having really fine hair, I don't know why I owned it. 

Then I went into the pantry, always a good place to cl…

New Flip Flops

I need new flip flops!

Something I must have said thirty times since the weather warmed up, specifically every time I needed to go out to water the more needy plants in the garden. Instead I've been teetering around on cobbles with bare feet, holding the watering can. Then each time we've been near a shop I've declared that flip flops are a waste of money as I would only use them in the garden. Typical me. 

One day last week I was watching the blackbirds eat the last of the raspberries and I thought that maybe I could just empty the holly leaves out of the pair of pumps I'd left in the garden and use them for gardening purposes instead. That's what lead to them being left on the patio in the first place. After a couple of months left out in the elements they didn't look great, but after a turn in the washing machine and some new insoles (I already had some) they are ideal. 

This small act has saved me a couple of quid, but I'm not pretending the holiday was lo…

Clean Slate

I think I said I'd been reading Better Than Before, and I have a whole new set of thoughts about it this time around. Whenever I start to have a good idea about something, I always venture into the kitchen to clean the cupboards, it's a bit like the Flylady shiny sink. 

Today I asked for Dan's help, we work in very different ways so sometimes we clash about the best way to do things, other times we can really help each other by coming at a problem in a different way. Today he helped me to declutter some kitchen items that held sentimental attachment, along with some things that didn't and we just needed to make a decision. When everything fits neatly into a cupboard it can be harderfor me to justify getting rid of them as they aren't creating a mess, but they can still be clutter, and far better off going to someone who wants or needs them. 

We had rain yesterday, but this morning the sun is back, so apologies for the shadows on the pictures! 

This is the first sweep,…

Better Than Before

I'm on holiday! 
Today marks the start of the second week. Week one was all about not worrying about anything, eating and drinking all the things, and using the weather as an excuse to avoid exercise. This week is all about making some changes to my daily routine, to give me a kick start I re-read Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin, and chose a few things to get me going. 
Anyone spending more than a couple of minutes with me would come to the conclusion that I'm a rebel so it can be hard to get me to do something and then to keep me doing it. However, it turns out I am exceptionally vain so appearing to be the type of person I believe myself to be is very important. So if a person like me would do x I'm more inclined to do it, more than it being something I want to do, should be doing, or would be to my benefit. It's very annoying, but I'm not going to change. And there's nothing like being on holiday for having the time to think about what your best self look…