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Food At Home, Food Elsewhere

We had a mini holiday last week, so we got out and about a bit, on one occasion I even made a picnic, well, I slapped a thick layer of houmous onto a baguette and shoved some salad into a tub - progress. 

I picked up some reduced asparagus, I roasted it and served it with pesto pasta.

I attempted to make sweet potato crisps with the spiraliser. When they worked they were lovely, others remained a soggy mess. 

Stuffed mushrooms with assorted other bits. The mushrooms were stuffed with the chopped mushroom stalks, a shallot and more of the panko.

A tomatoey pizza type thing with garlic mushrooms, peppers, and shallots. Dan made a lot of bread at the weekend. 

Haggis with potato wedges and loads of gravy!

Finally, for the home based food, w had the leftover haggis with some chipotle, stuffed into some field mushrooms with sweet potato and stir fried veg. 

We went to Llandudno on Wednesday, to see the band James, let's say no more about that. It did mean we could go to Barnacles for a falafel kebab! The place had had a bit of a revamp since we were last there and it looked great. I was also pleased to see paper straws in use and there was a nice condiment container on each table with bottles of assorted things, rather than the individual sachets used before. 

On Friday we went to Ambleside, for no reason in particular, just to get out and about. I took the fancy sounding picnic I mentioned earlier, but we went out for a sweet treat at a cafe Dan had heard about, Ghandi Cafe. How pretty is this jug of water?

We shared a pudding, although I don't think we'll share next time! The cafe is vegetarian but everything, or almost everything, has a vegan version too. We went for raspberry and lemon cheesecake with Grasmere gingerbread base. Grasmere gingerbread is the best, so it took about 3 seconds to decide. It was served with vanilla ice cream. 

The cafe is quite small, with seating for maybe 12 people, so we were very happy to grab a table. We decided a small walk to the lake was probably a good idea afterwards. 

A pretty perfect week, other than the two hours we won't speak of again. 


  1. You are a tease! I want to know about those two hours now. The food looks delicious and your picnic was simply a triumph. 😆 The cafe in ambleside is somewhere I really must visit soon. X

    1. Oh, the two hours covered the James gig, I didn't enjoy it. In a technical sense the band were very good, but the songs themselves were not to my taste at all.The one good thing is that we didn't get tickets for the gig in Blackburn, which was on the Saturday, I don't mind wasting a Wednesday evening, but a Saturday is a different matter!

  2. The water jug was a delight, it truly looked amazing. Did it add anything to the taste or was it a visual feast?

    1. Yes, there was a floral flavour to the water, beautiful.

  3. I made sweet potato fries this past week and had the same mushy problem.

    Asparagus has been on sale here the past while so we are eating as much as we can before the price sky rockets.

    As I have said before your meals always look superb.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you. I know what you mean about asparagus, we eat a fair bit for a few weeks then that's it for the rest of the year.

  4. The food you've made looks delicious. There's nothing there I wouldn't eat and I can be really fussy. If I had to choose though it would be the stuffed mushrooms. Your day out looks lovely and he jug of water is very pretty. It Reminds me of a tea flower I bought from your neck of the woods for Amy. When it opened it was beautiful but neither of us fancied drinking the tea. xx

    1. Thank you.

      I've seen hibiscus flowers for putting into drinks, but I've never tried it myself.


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