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Refuse, Reuse, Pinch From Husband

What did I spot hanging up in the charity shop yesterday?

Even though I'd already talked myself out of buying a replacement, I did examine this one (costing £3.99). It just about looks nicer than mine, but really the only difference in that regard is that it isn't branded in any way. It's in great condition, but it wasn't very padded, especially the straps, that's very important to me, I need to be comfortable. 
I also didn't buy a new black and white dress (£2.99), I really liked it, and it would be a fine replacement for my favourite black and white dress that should probably have been ragged a couple of years ago, it's full of tiny pulls and things. So I examined the dress and I just wasn't happy with the underarm seams, so it went back onto the rail, reluctantly, but the seams were a little stretched, so really it was in no better shape than the dress I already own. 
Yesterday I set aside a small glass pot (49p), I think it originally came from Tiger, …

A Ridiculous Thing I Want To Buy

Recently I got it into my head that I'd like a new rucksack. I don't need a new rucksack, I just want one for reasons of vanity.

I already own a rucksack, I bought it for not very much money in the sale at a sports shop years ago, during the time we had to take the car off the road to save money (we took the car off the road for about 6 months or so, I'm sure Dan could tell you right down to the day). We saved loads of money doing this so we threw that at our debts. It did mean, however, that we had to do our grocery shopping on foot so a rucksack was a very good thing. I do a lot of our shopping on my own these days, so I need a nice comfortable way of getting it all home, especially when I can't take my trolley (e.g when I have a shift at the charity shop).

All the positives about the rucksack, inexpensive, functional, money saving (at the time), easy to carry heavier things, are all the reasons I talked myself into wanting a new one. Plus it's pretty unattractive.…


Everyone that has some outdoors space seems to be getting out into the garden or to the allotment this week, I am no exception. Our garden budget this year is zero, but there's a lot I want to do, I'll probably have a fiver here and there to buy any essentials, but there will be no grand expenses.

Last year I focused on the shady bed and I'm really happy with how it looks now. I spent £20 on bark chippings from Aldi, and it was well worth it. Dan commented last week that he was impressed with what I achieved. 

Very simple, looks nice year round, even if it doesn't photograph well! It should look better next year as things will have grown, and hopefully the hebe will have fully recovered from being scorched in the sun before I moved it to this position.

I love all those flowers!

I'm going to focus on just one area again this year, and this time it's our large, sunny area. It needs a revamp, and ideally I'd take everything out and redo it, but that seems totally …

Living The Life You Love

That's a phrase I see about the place a lot.

But there must be more to it than holding an egg in both hands or doing a star jump on the beach. Lots of live loving seems to take place in the countryside, which would be the opposite of living the life I love. I am very happy that the countryside exists but I don't want to spend any time in it, I don't mind seeing it from the window of a train, but I feel ill at the sight of a cattle grid or a sign with the words passing places - literally not a road I want to go down.

Anyway, part of LTLIL is making the most of what I have, and I like would to spend more time in the dining area, but it's just not cosy enough. I wonder why I don't find it a calm, relaxing space

there are just no clues! 

Nope, still not cosy. 

So we bought a bin, not for in the dining area but it means rubbish is now in the bin rather than on the worktop that's right next to the dining table. 

Dan tidied the Ladderax.

I tidied the sideboard

and made a tabl…

Soup, Salad, Stirfry

This year I have really got into the swing of making soup twice a week, it's meant that I've had to try different combinations, which I still sometimes find difficult, but it's been great. 

curried vegetable and lentil

parsnip, leek and squash with some very nice croutons made from a cheap white sliced loaf. It's not all sourdough here. 

It hasn't all been soup either, we also had some v-pud, mushroom and onion toasties. 

Lots of grainy salads, this one was couscous, quinoa and green lentil with roast veg and some other bits and bobs

and big bowls of stirfried things

this is pepper and mushroom rice with scrambled tofu and additions

Now I just have to think of something that begins with S for this evening!

They'll Need A Crane

As part of the work to the house we're taking all our prints to be framed this weekend, they're currently laid out of the spare bed, seeing them again is very exciting. 

Ages ago I promised someone here I'd share some pictures of the Japanese print Dan chose for his birthday, so here it is, before we entrust it to the framer.

I wish I had beautiful handwriting like this!

Not our usual style but it's just so lovely we can't wait to see in up on the wall. 


We're spending a lot of time in Kendal at the moment, for no real reason, but this weekend we went looking for art, and pie. 

We visited a gallery we hadn't been to before, but as the bathroom cost quite a bit less than we thought, we were brave and went into a place that looked a bit more fancy. The place was teeny tiny, until we started chatting with the owner and he opened the door to the other three floors of the shop! The owner talked us through so many of his amazing pieces, and was really skilled at figuring out our budget and taste without actually having to ask us anything!

People talk about love at first sight and just knowing when the person is the one, we were like that with the print that came home with us. 

Basement Steps, Fulham by R.C Collins. There was just something about it that we both love. I can't wait to get it on the wall. 

We also had pie.