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Decluttered 2017

I think the house is reasonably clutter free, everything has a place and in general (other than hay) the place is tidy. However, it was still ridiculously easy to find all these things to chuck/ recycle/ donate. I may have missed a few things from the very start of the year. I'm still finding that much of the stuff I get rid of was given to us by other people, not stuff we bought ourselves - 2018 is starting in the same manner!

1. pair jeggings, ripped
2. pink cardi, horrible
3. pyjamas, never wear
4. large t-shirt style nightie, never wear
5. trainer type shoes, never wear
6. slippers, safety hazard

7. large blue bowl and 6 small dipping bowls

8. wooden thing that held dried fruit (gift)
9-17. cook books
18. spiralizer 
19. recipe card box, broken

20. toolbox

21-33. large pieces of fabric that I'll never use
34. pile of small fabric scraps, bits of ribbon, short lengths of thread etc
35. ceramic toothbrush holder
36. 4 wood placemats
37. broken veg steaming thing
38. dvd player
39. assorted cables and leads 
40. brown rug, brown

41. foundation, dried up
42. pile of magazines
43. hairbrush 
44 - 50. bags of assorted stuff to charity shop, belonged to someone else
51. washing machine 
52. 17 items from the sock/underwear drawer
53. leggings, transparent
54. pile of nonsense from the kitchen (see below for a small selection)

55. watch - broke into a million pieces at the football
56. metal VW camper tin, had been in a cupboard for years
57-60. three skirts and a t-shirt, just not me 
61. butter dish
62. teapot
63. slow cooker
64. dress - holey
65. 12 magazines
66. shirt
67. big pile of garden pots
68. birdhouse - given to someone as a surprise for their daughter.

69. multiple bags to the charity shop inc. electricals - belonged to someone else
70. emergency car kit, duplicate
71. many many many plastic plant pots, probably 60+
72. planter, broken
73. bags of rags
74. general garage junk - empty compost bags, cardboard carpet rolls etc
75. extra blinds slats
76. 4 magazines 
77. tins of paint
78. Christmas tree
79. carbon monoxide alarm

80. threads and other assorted craft stuff, 4 small containers
81. 5 pairs of sock
82. shawl
83. 4 tops - sweaty
84. dress
85. skirt
86. two jumpers (identical)
87. silver skirt
88. 2 mop heads
89. 110 tealights and 7 candles (gave the tealights to another vol at the shop)
90. 13 plates (2 decorative, 11 vintage)

91. 8 books
92. 2 more books
93, rabbit water dish - rabbits refused to drink from it, despite it being the same shape and size as the other dish, the only difference is that the unfavoured bowl was blue.
94. 500g bag of soapnuts (passing on to a buddy)
95. 2 wine glasses - we never drink wine
96. 2 champage glasses - be serious!
97. 2 espresso cups - I never drink espresso so how many cups do we need?
98. 4 crystal tumblers - used maybe a couple of times a year, but we have other crystal tumblers we use more often (and still that's not all that often)
99. 3 pillows
100. teddy bear
101-2. light shades

103. hideous brown lightshade, here when we moved in, had been in use in the pantry (apologies if you own this lampshade for calling it hideous, but it is)
104. small step, dangerous
105. more assorted stuff from other people - desktop pc, printer, stepladders, old medication, dvds, clothes and shoes etc. 
106. assorted craft stuff, some to charity shop, some to bin
107-8. bed covers 

109-10. two tops that for some mysterious reason had been stashed at the top of my wardrobe

111. pair of sandals that I'd been keeping for sentimental reasons only (I mean, come on!)
112-13. two aprons, never wear
114. calendar, duplicate gift
115. converse, gift, never wear
116. assorted plastic tubs - no room in new freezer
117. clothing belonging to Dan, no idea what it was, he just said he added things to the charity bag
118. Jumper, Dan's
119. assorted jars
120. chalkboard

121. teapot - made rubbish tea
122. top - holey
123. spoons etc (3)
124. work shirt (Dan)
125. hi-vis cycling jacket, no longer waterproof
126. food processor
127. decorative bottles
128. teapot, broken
129. shoes
130. Bird feeder

131. Weights bench
132. assorted fabric scraps
133. 3 bottles of perfume, Dan sneezes when I wear two of them and the third I bought recently, Dan chose the fragrance and I hate it, smells like aftershave and washing powder. 
134. a book Dan received as a secret santa gift
135. utensil pot
136. dvd


  1. Just goes to show that even when you think you've decluttered to within an inch of your life, you can still find more unwanted stuff. Well done with your decluttering efforts.

    1. Thanks. I think some things hang around because there are so many reasons for clutter - sentimental, aspirational etc. Sometimes it's easier to move on by just letting things go.

      Hope you're getting as many quality donations at the cs as we have this week, so much stuff!

  2. Can you find and get rid of stuff in my house? I think my list might top 1000.

    1. I would LOVE to! Although that would mainly be so I could chat with you.

  3. Good work with your decluttering. I have a small pile to take to the second hand store within the next couple of days.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you. Well done for finding some things to donate.

  4. Wow! That was a good clear out.

    1. I was surprised at how many things went away, not including the items from the two house clearances. Sometimes when I add things to the donate pile I can't believe that I'm still having to deal with so many items after all this time.

  5. No matter how much I de-clutter you can guarantee I'm doing it again a few weeks later. I sometimes read MSE and there's a thread on there about getting rid of the same amount of items as the year - so this year some people will be aiming to throw/re-purpose/give away 2,018 items! xx

    1. Absolutely! It's a near-constant prune, prune, prune. Hopefully there won't be too much this year, other than the car and bathroom, both of which will be replaced rather than decluttered.

      I love that MSE thread, amazing to follow the progress.

  6. Ha ha ..That is some list - it resembles the one we had to hand in to our insurers when the cottage flooded and the amounts do start to add up. Good job most of it was given to you and will no doubt make someone else very happy now you have passed it on. I am finding you cannot put a price on space and it is far better to get rid of mistakes you once bought, or gifts you have acquirred rather than keep finding a place to keep it in your home.

    1. You are so right about space. After living in chaos for the first part of my life (I have always been very untidy) there are few things more important to me now than a calm environment.

      I think my SIL and I have struck a balance too, she loves to give gifts and gives them even though I struck a deal with my brother that we would only buy for the children. This year she bought consumable gifts, which pleased her as she was able to give and pleased me as I don't have to have it hanging around the place - and as it was rhubarb vodka and chocolate, it will not linger long!


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