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Freebie And Bargain of the Week

All food this week, my parents came to visit on Sunday and brought us some plums from one of their trees - absolutely delicious, they didn't last long. Sadly it rained all day but we went out to the kite festival anyway, it was good fun. Such a difference to Saturday when it was so amazingly busy, hardly a parking space to be had. We only drove by as we'd been food shopping in Lancaster but I'd never seen it so busy. 

We had a bit of a spendy shop at Single Step as we wanted to stock up with tahini, yeast extract and a few other things, but we picked up some good stuff from the market. The broccoli, onions, carrots, baby potatoes, and  a bag of three orange peppers were 50p each. The baking potatoes were £1 as was the massive box of flat mushrooms, a couple were a bit beyond but the rest went down well. 

My parents also brought over some peppers and tomatoes from their greenhouse so I roasted them with some of the onions and mushrooms on Sunday for tea, we had them with an Indian spiced patty my mum donated to our BBQ which became a "grill-a-que" and some salads we picked up on the way home from the kite festival. 

Here's a few things we ate this week 

On Monday we had some leftover tomato flavoured lentils, roast veg and orzo salad stuffed into the bargain peppers with some pitta on the side. 

Tuesday and Wednesday we had mushroom and lentil stew with the baby potatoes and broccoli. 

On Thursday I made a messy bowl of noodles with veg cooked in the cheap korma paste I bought last week for 20p. Neither of us liked the korma at all it just tasted like ginger with not much else. I don't think it helped that I accidentally bought reduced fat coconut milk so there was no body to the sauce at all. I'll use the rest of the paste as a base for the soup we take to the football and add some extra spices as I go along. 


  1. Some delicious looking meals. Love the look of the mushroom and lentil stew.

  2. Now Autumn is upon us we are stocking up on Lentils ready to make the stews and casseroles we have at this time of year. Shame about the Korma paste.

    1. The paste was fine as a base for soup with some added garam masala and chilli.

  3. The meals look great! Mmmm...I love lentils!


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