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Another Cup Of Tea

As I've probably mentioned before, Dan's friend and his wife are coming to stay at the weekend, so I have a ton of stuff to do. Naturally having lots of stuff to do has meant it became very important for me to try to find something (that I've obviously thrown away) which meant pulling boxes of things from the garage. Can I get the things back into the box so it will shut? Of course not.

We were busy all weekend so I didn't get to do anything and I'm sure you know how it is, everything happens at once and so focus has flown out of the window. My plan is to have nothing but the regular basic housework - litter trays, floors, bathroom to do on Thursday and Friday so today is really the main day for getting thing done, and not being distracted by craft projects, rearranging my wardrobe, charity shopping and sorting out the sideboard (which has fallen foul of the wrapping paper curse).

I have outsourced a few things, I was going to make a birthday cake for Jay but instead asked Dan to message a local baker who makes a nice lemon drizzle cake. While he was at it he ordered a few of his delicious falafel rolls (like a sausage roll but made with falafel) and some curried vegetable pasties for an easy Saturday lunch. Dan just has to collect them on the way home from work on Friday. He's also booked a table at a restaurant for Saturday evening, so even less cooking for me. What a relief. 

So far this morning I've made up the spare bed and done a load of laundry, now it's time for another cup of tea! 


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