Saturday, 29 July 2017


Back In October I wrote about how we'd chopped back the plant jumble of roses and honeysuckle at the back of the garden in the hope they'd grow back and we could have things looking less messy. 

There is plenty of life there now. Not only do the birds love it now we've chopped back the overgrowth from the garden behind, we have roses! 

I know absolutely nothing about roses, other than this one is pink

and this one is yellow!

There's far more going on at ground level too, I've planted a few shade-loving things but there are surprises coming up all the time, which is why we're waiting until next year before making any big moves with this area. 

Lots and lots of these, I don't know what they are. They've been flattened by the wind a little, but they're still really pretty. 

In May (I can't believe it was so recently) Dan made a small path to use as a shortcut from the patio to the pebbles made with some left over logs and the remaining bits of pallets we'd been given. You can see it here. It too has started to fill out nicely. It's hard to photograph as it's the part of the garden that goes from bright sun to deep shade. 

The thyme and mint that I rescued from an old planter has done really well. We also put in some lime mint, chamomile, alpine strawberries, and a teeny wintergreen plant that had been swamped elsewhere in the garden. Here it is from around the same angle as the picture in the other post.

Doesn't look quite as sandy as before!

The pallet edging is almost certainly my favourite thing we've done to the garden, although I love the pebbles too, now they've been here for a year little springs of alpines have started to thrive between the stones, just what I wanted. Things are thriving in there, such as the alpines. In the main bed they fine, plenty of flowers and all that stuff, but since moving to the pallet border they have taken off. The plant below is about five times the size in the space of a few months. 

I know it's hardly a shock "garden looks great in summer" but it is a great time to be out there, well when it's not raining!


  1. the plant in the last picture is really pretty, do you possibly know the name? Hope you are well

    1. I think it's some kind of rock rose, we've had it for a long time so the label has long since disappeared.

  2. What beautiful rose colours. Love them.

    God bless.