Thursday, 20 July 2017

Form Is Temporary, Class Is Permanent

As Bill Shankley apparently said. 

Today's Power Hour started a little later today as I had my hair cut. I've never been a fan of visiting the hairdresser and could go for many months or even a couple of years between visits. So Now I make the next appointment at the end of my current appointment, I know most people probably do that anyway, but it's the one small change that has lead to the biggest improvement in my appearance. 

We were talking last night and Dan said to me "well, I wish you were tidier but...". I wish tidiness was something that came easily to me too but it doesn't, so it's my focus for the next little while, the key to this is doing one thing at a time - easy to say, easy to forget. 

The one tiny change that has improved my week is to start using a tray. I mentioned recently that I'd started to use a cupboardless space in my kitchen to store my cookbooks. Well, there were a few too many for the makeshift shelf I have, so I rescued a tray from the donation pile and put it to use!

I also used the power hour to regain control of the fridge. Dan has been doing quite a lot of food prep recently for one reason and another so I had no clue what was going on in there, although I was aware that the freezer is fuller than full. So today I set about cleaning and reorganising things, in the hope that I'll get cracking with some cooking again. 

There's not a lot in there but there's nut roast and a things for sandwiches, and just enough veg to make a sausage casserole and a stir fry, which is better than I thought when I opened the door. 

We also have some new light shades, they've made a big difference to the feel of the rooms, even though they're not in the rooms we thought they'd be in but there you go. Oh yes, the other major home improvement of the week is to do with the back door. Our back door is in the living area and as we still haven't repaired the window after it fell out the other month (the window is still where it should be, we just can't open it). So my problem was that having the door open to get some fresh air meant the door flapped open and shut every now and again. My stylish and effective solution?

A shopping bag. 

You see, the door can't swing open too far, nor can it slam shut. I'm such a genius, please stand by for my style blog for surely it will be the new home of domestic inspiration.