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Chip Chip Chip

Recently the freezer has filled up, and filled up without very much finding its way back out again, so getting things back to manageable levels has been my focus. Junk food had started to find its way into the house (and I haven't enjoyed most of it much) so we've been working through it. 

No photos, I've fallen out of the habit. 

Recently we've eaten - 

a home made chana masala (delicious)
a couple of wraps
2 lots of roast veg
some veg gyoza, they had soy in which was  bit meaty for me so Dan ate most of them
2 sausages 
2 bean burgers
1/2 butternut squash
roast sweet potatoes
assorted bread rolls and other stashed bread

There's a bit of room to move now. It inspired me to do the same with the pantry as the same thing has been happening, lots going in, not much coming out. 

I'm working my way through the massive tinned pulses order from the other month, still not a massive fan but there you go.

A tin of potatoes I bought for a game on social media

Tonight we're having the jackfuit that's been in there since Christmas

Red lentils (probably the first time I've been out of red lentils)

Dan finished some cereal he didn't really enjoy 

I'm currently making soup using a small amount of pasta we have hanging around, which will also use up some sad looking spinach from the fridge. 

That's more than I thought!

The habit I'm going to work on this week is to do with washing up. I do not like washing up at all and it seems as though there is a constant supply of it mounting up. Dan does the main wash in the evening, but throughout the day I wash up after breakfast and when I'm cooking as much as possible. BUT the dishes hang around in the drainer. I have to start doing the drying and putting away because for some reason I find it a huge drain to see stuff hanging around, what seems to be all of the time. 

It's such a small thing but I know it will make a massive difference. Also, not having a cup of tea or snacks in the evening will make a big difference in many ways - especially waking up without there being things to do before we can start our day. I can't be the only one, does anyone else have that one small task around the house that really makes you roll your eyes or cause you frustration?


  1. I am not a fan of ironing but since moving I iron as I bring it off the line rather than put it in the basket. It is working for now not sure what the Winter months will bring.

    1. That is a great idea, baskets are great but once something goes in it can become less of priority. Winter is always a challenge, but for you even more so!

  2. Every cupboard causes me frustration. No matter how many times I do a tidy of a cupboard or drawer, the next time I look it's untidy again. I cannot seem to get my kitchen under control at all. I suppose just living in the house and using all the things makes the mess but it's a never ending round of just tidying that 'gets' me. I think I'll just sit about and not do anything at all then nothing can get out of place!

    1. I know just what you mean Mum. At the start of my decluttering "journey" someone said to me that processes like laundry and doing the dishes were a sign of life and people to care about (including myself), it's a good point but come on!

  3. Yes, I try to do the dishes every night without fail, even when I'm tired. It makes the morning so much better. Less grumpiness and hurry. The morning is busy enough with pet cleaning and feeding.

    Also selecting clothes the night before saves precious time.

    Not snacking in the evening benefits one's waistline as well. ;-)

    1. I thinking dealing with snacking and dishes at the same time would be too much :D

      I mentioned to Dan about getting things put away as well as washed and he had a little lightbulb moment about it so hopefully between us we'll make great strides.

      I do select my outfit the night before and it's such a good thing to do isn't it, the less decision making needed first thing the better the morning in my opinion.

  4. My freezer is a bit of a bugbear at the moment as it desperately is seriously frosted up and I need to store this years harvested veg. I'm going to have to throw out last years veg that didn't get eaten though, as I can't possibly use it up. Hopefully, the pain of wasting so much food will help me to be more careful about what I buy and put in there and will serve as a reminder to actually use the veg more. Today's the day that I'm tackling it as we go away tomorrow for a week so the fridge is as empty as I can get it and I just want to get it done and come back to a clear freezer.

    1. Oh yes, I think the freezer is a common one - it can be a bit of a stash and dash place for me, shoving things in that I don't want to eat so they don't go to waste, then they hang around for ages.

      Shame about last year's veg, but I think that's the kind of thing you really remember so I'm sure it won't happen again, do you have a half allotment plot now? (sorry if I've got that wrong, but you did switch didn't you?)

      Enjoy your time away, hope you get lots of time to relax.

  5. Oops nearly missed this post - my reader is not always going in order. I can identify with the washing up - we don't have a dish washer only human ones and sometimes when I am so tired on an evening OH washes up but then I don't follow on and dry. It is I tell myself better for dishes to drain and they are always dry to put away in the morning but the satisfaction of a clean and clear sink before bedtime is much nicer.
    I have our freezer to do - lots of last years apples to eat up before this years start falling off the tree! I have even got Salmon in there and we are vegetarian - must have been from Xmas when the girls came - not sure how long this will keep - any ideas anyone?
    Just for the record I am not consistent in anything so everything and anything can become a frustration at some point. For instance at the moment I have a pile of receipts to deal with that have mounted up since before our holidays even though I promised myself last time I would keep on top of them!!

    1. The ordering was my fault, I started writing this post a while ago and it posted it under that date, rather than the date I actually published it iyswim, so I altered it.

      You have hit the nail on the head, we use the "better to air dry" reasoning too, and to be honest I don't think it would bother me as much were the kitchen not at the front of the house.

      Consistency is the key isn't it, it's something I am working on.


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