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Being Honest

I've learned quite a lot during the holiday that went wrong. 

On Tuesday I woke up with a cold, by Thursday Dan had it too, so instead of getting out and about we were forced to spend lots of time at home. And other than the being ill aspect of it, we really had a great time, and were surprisingly productive.

A couple of things I also realised - firstly I really, really, really, really dislike picnics. I was going to say I just dislike making them, but that's not true, for the most part eating them is a bit annoying too. Having to deal with thinking about lunch when I've only just had my breakfast is not something I relish, and as for making it the night before - I have eaten enough curled or soggy butties to last me a lifetime. Plus, I don't think they save us any money. For those picnic lovers around I salute you, but they're not for me. I'd rather shove a jug of water and a tub of seeds in my bag then deal with food when I get home than go through the picnic process. So we have said no more.  

this is the one picnic I did make (but didn't eat) during the holiday. My version of the Pret turmeric cauliflower salad

Secondly, it's really hard to slow down, but it is good to have a well stocked pantry. Thirdly, being honest with myself isn't hard, it's just weird. I went through my wardrobe again and chucked a few things into the rag/charity shop bag. I also finally let something go I'd been hanging onto for sentimental reasons. 

I bought this skirt from Whistles in 2002 when I was more foolish even than I am now and spent money like it was going out of style. I wore it once, but I kept it, by the time I came to wear it next, about three years later, I'd lost so much weight it fell down as soon as I zipped it up. Even though I'm fatter now I can still get it on without unfastening it. But I'd kept it all this time because I just wasn't prepared to get rid of it, presumably because it represented something about a life I no longer have. 

When I fished it out from the top, hidden shelf in my wardrobe and gave it the once over I realised, it's really unattractive! It cost me a fortune, the pattern doesn't even match, it's just a ugly pattern and it's not even fully lined. Ridiculous.

Finally, I am so bored of tracking our spending. It has been of zero use in terms of reducing our spending, the one thing that has made it worthwhile is that we've been working out some financial stuff and when Dan has asked me when we did x or y I've had the information to hand, rather than having to go through old posts here or look at social media updates for clues. 

Second final thing - Dan today is calling people to get quotes for the bathroom revamp, we have finally hit our savings target! Hooray!


  1. Ooh, the tumeric cauli looks nice! My husband likes cooking cauli with tumeric too!
    I find picnics a hassle too and often more expensive!

    1. You're right, I don't find that they save money either, maybe if I just took a plain sandwich but to be honest I wouldn't want to do that, not my thing at all. The cauliflower was quite nice, it added a little bit of something extra to the salad.

  2. A delayed comment - I don't like picnics, either! Not keen to eat in public places where people who are doing other things can just wander by. Would rather eat in a restaurant where everyone is seated and eating! Also not that keen on packing food in advance, like you. But I am fine with bringing lots of easy snacks.


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