Wednesday, 28 June 2017

What We Ate June - Week 4

It was a bit of a weird week. From Tuesday to Saturday I was ill so didn't eat anything, then Sunday and Monday Dan had to fast so he didn't eat anything. Other than treating ourselves to something from Earthworm Kitchen at the kite festival in Morecambe on Saturday afternoon we haven't eaten a proper meal all week.

we shared noodles and a thai-style burger, topped with fried rice noodles, yum!

I spent part of Monday preparing meals and picnic food though, it was nice to get back into the kitchen after a week of nothing at all. So here are some pictures of things we're going to eat this week instead. 

Assorted roast veg

Soup, made with squash, sweet potato, onion, red pepper, lentils, stock, curry paste and coconut milk

squash and pumpkin seeds roasted in soy sauce (I overdid the sauce a bit)

turmeric cauliflower

chana masala, well, I used carlin peas rather than chickpeas

jam buns


  1. The soup looks delicious, always a favourite for us.

  2. I usually only make soup to take to the football, but it is nice to have a big vat in the fridge.