Monday, 5 June 2017

Shopping Haul - June

After totally losing track of the grocery spend last month I'm back on it in June. I go shopping every couple of days so I do lots of small trips, here's what I bought this week (it is a long list!)
Aldi £5.13
Mushrooms 55p/ coriander 95p/ broccoli 39p each/ peppers 91p/ bread 99p*/ potatoes 95p
Holland & Barrett £1.59

Market £3.50
 I got home and noticed the lady had given me this instead of kashmiri chilli
Home Bargains £7.72
Mixed nuts £1.79/ bin bags 99p/ baguettes 2 pack 39p each (delicious sliced in half, covered with pesto and baked)/ dates 89p/ rice noodles 59p/ beetroot 89p/ almonds £1.79
Sainsbury's £10.70
coconut and almond drinks £1 each/ plain yoghurt £1.50/ vinegar 50p/ cucumber 50p/ tomatoes £1.50/ spring onions 50p/ tofu £2/ spread £1.60/ small yoghurt 60p
Home Bargains £1.50
for the children obviously *wink*

Lancaster Market £3
£2 strawberries and bananas/ 50p onions/ 50p peppers
Single Step £3.83
beans and sausages £1.10/nut roast £2.83
 Aldi £6.45
for the visitors teabags £1.89/ ice lollies 99p each/ chocolate 89p/ grapes (not pictured) £1.69
Atkinsons £10
tea £5 per bag (that's up £1 since I bought it a month or so ago *yikes*)
Filberts Bakery £2.70
my treat of the week £1.35 each
Bringing the total to a rather large £56.12 on food, and bin bags, I don't know why I included them!

* I thought I'd seen this bread on the vegan foods list, but having looked again I don't think it's there. It is suitable for vegetarians, but I may have made an error with this one. 


  1. A very colourful haul. Thanks for the reminder - I need bin bags. 😊 X

  2. I've started buying my dates from Home Bargains now after your tip. A lovely healthy looking haul.

  3. Replies
    1. Oh yes, for a small person I pack it away!

  4. We use the partbaked rolls too - we also cut in half but toast under the grill with olive oil and garlic, black pepper and chopped chives! Salivating at the thought!

    1. Oooh, chives, that's a good idea. I have used them with oil and garlic but I like the idea of adding more herbs, thanks.

  5. Replies
    1. I love filling the fridge when I get home, all those possibilities!

  6. There is very limited choice of shops on the Island Tesco or Co-op, it is amazing how quickly you adapt and treat it as normal. The only shop I really do miss is Home Bargains.

    1. I can imagine you have to adapt quickly, there's something to be said for only shopping in one or two places, there's less chance of being tempted by unusual and interesting looking things.

  7. Wonderful bargains. I include all household spending in my grocery total. Probably because I buy them in the grocery store along with everything else.

    God bless.

    1. I am tracking my groceries separately from the household things, so although they all come from the same budget I note the prices down separately. No real reason, it just made sense at the time!

  8. I have not seen that brand of Nutroast before - is that a local health food store? I lurch between healthy and the not healthy in the least!

    1. I bought mine from a local health food shop but I think they're quite widely stocked these days. I seem to remember buying one from Booths in the past, Holland and Barrett possibly stock them too.

      I also lurch between healthy and not healthy in the least too!

  9. I am addicted to freezies (ice lollies) - I will have to try the blackcurrant ones next time I'm in the UK! I have never seen a nut roast in a shop; that would be a miracle here :)

  10. I am still surprised at some of the less mainstream foods available at most supermarkets here now, things seem to have changed a lot over the past couple of years, it's great.