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Shopping Haul June - Week 4

It was a huge shopping week this time round, we ran out of a few things and as we are on holiday I wanted to make sure we had some nice things for picnics and so on so we don't eat out too much.

Sainsbury's £3.73
potatoes 63p/ almond drink £1/ cauliflower 24p each/ broccoli 38p/ bananas 63p/ cucumber 50p

I also had to pay 5p stupid tax as I forgot to take a bag with me. I can't believe I actually got hold of some yellow sticker stuff, the potatoes and cauliflower were all reduced from £1. I had plans for a cauliflower anyway, so I'm really happy to have picked two this cheaply. 

M&S £2.94
guacamole £1.90/ iced and spiced buns £1.04

Home Bargains £3.64
coconut milk 69p each/ jalapenos 59p/ baguettes 39p each/ dates 89p

Grape Tree £10.36
I lost the receipt but I know the lentil chips were £1.49 and the pecans £3.99 so the others were £2-something each

Holland and Barrett £11.98 (I think)
Lost the receipt again but these were just under £12 for two bags

Atkinsons £5.50
just some coffee beans

Aldi £12.69
cereal 89p/ squash 72p/ nut bars £1.99/ curried lentils £1.29/ onions 55p/ spring onions 47p/ broccoli 39p/ peppers 91p/ peaches 65p/ tomatoes 71p/ sweet potatoes 89p/ lettuce 95p/ houmous 55p/ pea snacks £1.29

The nut bars and lentil pouch were for Dan, he had to fast before going to the hospital for an afternoon appointment so he wanted something quick to eat as soon as he'd finished. Poor lad didn't eat for over 30 hours. 

Sainsbury's £17.62
almond drink £1.25 each/ bread 34p/ bread £1/ peanuts 70p/ sesame oil £1.80/ pasta 85p/ marmite crisps £1.25/ mushrooms 62p/ potatoes £1.50/ chillies 60p/ spread £1.60/ tomatoes 50p each/ chickpeas 85p/ garlic bread 70p 

Prior to fasting Dan could only eat certain very bland foods, hence all the bread in the world. I bought fancy chickpeas for use in a salad, they're bigger and more splendid than the cheap brands so I splashed out! 

Oh my goodness, that makes for a final weekly total, well a final 10 days or so total, of £68.46. The June total is a ridiculous £176.04, I need a lie down.


  1. I always get cross with myself if I forget to take a bag with me. Don't worry too much about your spend, you can always cut back next month.
    I hope you don't mind my asking, but is there a reason you shop in quite a few different stores or is it just for the availability of the products? X

    1. The reason for visiting different shops is really just because I love food shopping! I don't have a shopping routine so I'll just nip in to wherever is nearby. This month, for example, we've shopped in the town here, Lancaster, Kendal, Manchester and East Lancs. It's just whatever's convenient at the time!

  2. Yes but you've got lots of things there that will take several weeks to eat. I'm sure that July will be very frugal. Jx

    1. I think you're right, unless I have to I will never scrimp on fresh vegetables but in terms of pantry foods we are well stocked.

  3. All good healthy food though.

    1. That's true. If I can afford fresh, healthy food then I will buy it.

  4. You have quite a bit of food there though, should last you a while. I had some of the Aldi Pea snacks yesterday. Do you now see that figure as one to beat next month?

    1. I did a kitchen inventory yesterday and we have plenty in stock as a basis for meals for the next little while. I hadn't thought of it like that, but I think I will use this month as something to beat - hopefully by some considerable amount!

  5. Replies
    1. I can imagine, you'll have to have a trolley dash next time you're near one!


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