Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Shopping Haul June - Week 3

Holland & Barrett £5.25
Dan came home with some macadamia nuts this week after a lunchtime walk.

Heron £1
After the macadamia nut purchase, Dan also ventured to Heron and picked up three blocks of puff pastry for £1. He'd very kindly cut them in half and put them in the freezer before I took the picture. 

Sainsbury's £2.61
broccoli 62p/ frozen berries £1.70/ onions 29p

So it was all going very well until we went to Manchester.

8th Day, Manchester £16.71
I didn't get a receipt so don't know the cost of each item. I remember the crisps were 69p, the flour £2.44 and the teriyaki sauce £2.99

Beer wouldn't usually come out of the grocery budget, but I paid for it on this occasion. It was so hot when we got home from Manchester that I refused to cook so we treated ourselves to yet more things

Booths £6.55
crumpets £1.15/falafel £2.10/ tomatoes £1/ houmous £1.30 (!)/bread £1

Total for this week £32.12. 


  1. What is the bottle that says organic raspberry? We were running out of meals that didn't need the oven putting on for so good job it is now a bit cooler!

    1. It's Sam Smith's raspberry beer, very tasty!