Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Shopping Haul - June Week 2

Holland & Barrett £3.18
I bought two of these, not much else to say, I like a cup of tea!

Morrisons £3.23
bread flour £1/ plain flour 45p/ seeds 83p/ yeast £1

Home Bargains £1.50

Aldi £9.93
mushrooms £1.38/ sultanas 88p/ almond drink 99p/ potatoes £1.25/ squash 72p/ broccoli 39p each/ cucumber 39p/ houmous 55p each/ carrots 42p/ passata 35p/ tomatoes 71p/ spring onions 47p

Booths £1.50

A pretty basic week, we did splash out £14.30 on brunch this week too, but that wasn't from my grocery budget. I still spent a little more than I wanted, but I hadn't taken into account the bread things and I hadn't planned to buy the lentils, but I do love them. That brings the total for this week to £19.34 and has let me with a lot of cooking to do!


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    1. Thanks Jackie, Dan couldn't believe how little we spent at Aldi, he's a recent convert!

  2. Ahh Booths - we love calling in at Penrith on our way to Scotland for the experience and a free cuppa! That is a £19 well spent - look forward to seeing the end results of all the cooking!

    1. I picked up some cheap plants from the plant hospital at Penrith Booths when we were out and about recently.

      It used to be our main supermarket but we "downgraded" to Sainsbury's last year, it is nice to have a lovely new store in our town thought, great for an occasional treat shop.

  3. Booths is such a fab place to shop for the variety but can be so expensive for basic items. I like the look of those lentils. X

    1. We used to shop at Booths all the time but these days there's not as much to tempt us, although their free-from section is larger these days, and their fresh produce seems expensive - having said that I went to the big Tesco nearby last night and walked away without buying anything as the price to quality ratio wasn't good in my opinion.